Geology by Lightplane


Detailed 2000-pixel-wide JPEG versions of these photos (averaging 1MB in size and suitable for video projection or for slides) can be down-loaded individually by photograph number from the FTP site listed below. First make a list of the identity numbers of the pictures you want. At the FTP site, those using a Mozilla Firefox Web Browser can click on the photograph number in order to load the photo to your screen; then right-click your screen to "Save the image as...." Click on "Back" to load another image. (The Microsoft Browser has a somewhat different procedure for getting and saving the file.) Do not forget to take a copy of 00readme.txt, an ASCII file that contains all the photograph captions. Go to FTP site for 2000-pixel-wide versions now.

This site is no longer being actively maintained. You may use the pictures contained here giving credit to Louis J. Maher, Jr.

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