Presentations and Articles related to PENEPMA and PENELOPE -- A Monte Carlo Simulation of Electron and Photon Transport
in Various Geometries

Updated: June 3, 2015

*****************WHAT IT IS**************************

PENELOPE was created by Francesc Salvat and colleagues at University of Barcelona, for modelling radiation treatment in humans, thus both complex geometries possible, as well as full following of X-rays and therefore secondary fluorescence. A version easily useful for EPMA was developed with the collaboration of Xavier Llovet, who runs the EPMA lab at the University of Barcelona.

*************Powerpoint Presentation*************

"Monte Carlo simulation of EPMA measurements on complex specimens using PENELOPE", the presentation of F. Salvat and X. Llovet for the 2006 M&M meeting in Chicago, and given at the PENEPMA workshop in Madison August 4, 2006

*************HOW TO RUN PENEPMA**************

There are now (2015) three (or four) ways to run PENEPMA:


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