Williams College - Williamstown, MA

Technical Program - June 14-16, 2012

Field Trips and Workshops - June 12-13 and 17-18, 2010

Application Deadline: April 20, 2012
No Registration, Field Trip, or Workshop Fees!




The Structural Geology and Tectonic Forum follows a successful inaugural meeting in Madison, WI, in May 2010. It is an informal meeting focusing on research, following the model of the well-established “Tectonic Studies Group” meetings in the UK and Australia.  The primary purpose of the meeting will be to identify and discuss important areas of research, but there will also be opportunities to discuss successful ways of integrating research with teaching. The Forum is aimed at professional geologists, although advanced graduate students are encouraged to attend, and funds are available to support student attendance. We will be offering short courses and fieldtrips during the two days before and after the meeting.

Meeting Organization

Here is the schedule for this year's Forum: 2012 Schedule.
Here is the schedule for the previous Forum in Madison, WI: 2010 Schedule.
The deadline for abstracts has past, but if you wish to attend you may still register, and if you wish to present some research do not hesistate to send us an email. Presentations accepted after the April 20th deadline are likely to be accomodated in poster format.

Presenting a poster? We don't have the poster stand/display board situation fully resolved as of now (5/16), but we encourage presenters to make their posters no wider than 60 inches; smaller would be fine.

Meeting Location

The meeting will be held on Williams College's bucolic campus in Williamstown, MA.

Pre-Meeting Events

Post-Meeting Events


Registration is closed.
You are not required to present a poster/talk at the meeting in order to attend.

Student Support

Some money is available to support the attendance of up to 30 graduate students.  The amount of that support, and the number of students that will be supported, is dependent upon the number of students that register.  At the 2010 Forum in Madison, WI 15 students attended and we were able to offer $150 toward housing and $500 toward travel expenses.  We DO NOT anticipate that magnitude of support this year, and we cannot support the travel of students who are studying at Universities overseas, but within those constraints, we will do our best within our budget.  How much of the costs that we will actually be able to cover is dependent upon the number of students that register.  If you are a graduate student, please submit an abstract and plan on attending!

Food & Lodging

We'll be staying on the campus for about $80/person/day. This includes room (single occupancy!) and board; more details will be available later on.


Click here for information on finding your way to Williamstown.

Organizing Committee

Paul Karabinos (Williams College) - Logistics Co-Chair
Basil Tikoff (UW-Madison) - Logistics Co-Chair
Steve Albino - Logistics Coordinator at Williams College
Richard Becker - Logistics Coordinator at UW-Madison
Yvette Kuiper (Colorado School of Mines) - Technical Session Co-Organizer
Phil Resor (Wesleyan College) - Field Trip Organizer
Matty Mookerjee (Sonoma State Univ.) - Short Course/Workshop Organizer


Questions? If you have questions about the forum please contact Paul Karabinos (Organizing Committee Co-Chair) at Paul.M.Karabinos@williams.edu or the forum webmaster Richard Becker at rabecker2@wisc.edu.



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