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Front cover: Wiring the Mega-Thrust; New Faculty Harold Tobin Pursues Mega-Drilling Project - 107k
Back cover: Department group photo, fall 2006 - 138k 
Inside the front cover: Outcrop contents and cover description - 72k
Inside the back cover: Faculty and staff list - 115k

The articles:

Chair's letter, (page 1) 74k
Jean M. Bahr

Donors' list,
(pages 2-3) 171k

Board of Visitors Report, (pages 4-5) 453k
Thomas M. Johnson

The Richard E. Senger Bequest, (page 6) 172k
Jean M. Bahr

Create a Legacy for the Department, (page 7) 90k

PEOPLE Learning Through Experience, (page 8) 216k

Unger Retires, (page 9) 158k
Chuck DeMets

Distinguished Alumni Awards for 2006, (pages 10-11) 176k
James F. Davis; Frederick A. Frey; Walter D. Mooney

Library Report, (page 11) 100k
Marie Dvorzak

Geology Camp Marks 40th Year in Town, (pages 12-13) 190k
reprinted from The Park Record, Park City, Utah

A Canadian Contingent, (page 13) 88k
Ted Best

Atypical "Noise," the Jump Around Experiment, (page 14) 304k
John Naranjo

Student SEG report; Paleoclub report, (page 15) 234k

Field Trips, (pages 16-18) 569k
 Karst Hydrogeology of the Yucatan Peninsula
 Economic Geology 515 Visits Four Northern Nevada Mines
 Sierra Pampeanas, Argentina

Alumni News for 2006, (pages 19-29) 841k

Lowell R. Laudon and His Bushels of Fossils, (pages 30-31) 289k
Robert H. Dott, Jr.

In Memorium, (page 32) 137k

Remembering Cam Craddock, (pages 33-34) 282k

Professional Honors, (page 35) 86k

National Meetings 2006, AAPG Houston and GSA Philadelphia, (pages 36-37) 331k

Degrees awarded; Student Awards and Scholarships, (pages 38-39) 194k

New Graduate Students, (page 40) 137k

Grad Geoclub, (page 41) 170k
Jonathon Carter

Wiring the Mega-Thrust, (page 42-43) 276k
Harold Tobin

New Faculty, Kurt Feigl, (page 44) 176k

Faculty News for 2006, (pages 45-53) 985k
Introducing Kurt Feigl (pages 41-42)
Introducing Harold Tobin, "Wiring the Mega-Thrust" (pages 41-42)
Mary Anderson (page 43)
Jean Bahr (page 43-44)
Phil Brown (page 46)
Charlie Byers (page 44-45)
Chuck DeMets (page 45)
Dana Geary (page 45-46)
Laurel Goodwin (pages 46-47)
Eric Roden (pages 48-49)
Nita Sahai (page 47)
Toni Simo (page 48)
Brad Singer (pages 48-49)
Cliff Thurber (page 49)
Basil Tikoff (pages 49-50)
John Valley (pages 50-51)
Herb Wang (pages 51-52)
Huifang Xu (page 52)

Emeritus Faculty News for 2006, (pages 54-57) 350k
Charlie Bentley (page 54)
Nikolas Christensen (page 54)
Dave Clark (page 55)
C.S. Clay (page 55)
Robert H. Dott, Jr. (pages 55-56)
Lou Maher (page 56)
Gordon Medaris (page 57)
Dave Mickelson (page 57)

Weeks Lectures, Speakers, (page 58) 96k

Geology Museum Annual Report, (page 59-62)
Rich Slaughter

Mail-in forms, (pages 63-67) 708k:
Give a gift to the Department in 2007
Order a Geoclub T-shirt
How to order a Courtyard Brick
Order Bushels of Fossils, by James M. Parks, with F.D. Holland and R.H. Dott
How to order Roadside Geology of Wisconsin, by R.H. Dott and J.W. Attig

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