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Front cover - Looking inside the San Andreas Fault - 467k
Back cover - 460k 
Inside the front cover Outcrop contents and cover description - 96k
Inside the back cover - 56k

The articles:

Chair's letter - 476k
Clark M. Johnson

Gifts - 72k

Board of Visitors Report - 468k
Jim Davis and Tom Johnson, Board Chairs

Wisconsin at SAFOD - 160k
Cliff Thurber

Distinguished Alumni Awards for 2004 -
C.K. Leith, Lewis Weeks, Jay Nania

Memorial for Robert Gates; Obituaries - 469k

Memorial for Sharon Meinholz - 72k

Professional Honors - 92k

Alumni News - 696k

Wisconsin Roots of Ground Water Hydrology - 100k
Mary Anderson

Lake Superior Trip - 588k
Steve Byer

Introducing Noriko Kita - 480k

New Graduate Students - 480k

Student Awards and Scholarships - 452k

Undergraduate Degrees Awarded - 452k

Support Staff News -136k

Graduate Geoclub -180k
Carrie Moeller

Undergraduate Geoclub -180k
David Doncheck

Paleoclub -180k
Dan Hyslop

AAPG, GSA Meetings - 192k

Library Report - 116k
Marie Dvorzak

Graduate Degrees Awarded 2004 - 116k

Archivist's Corner - 648k
Robert H. Dott, Jr.

Honoring Bob Dott at GSA - 560k

New Faculty, Huifang Xu - 524k

Faculty News for 2004:
Richard Allen
Mary Anderson
Jean Bahr
Phil Brown
Charlie Byers
Alan Carroll
Chuck DeMets
Dana Geary
Laurel Goodwin
Clark Johnson (see Chair's Letter)
Clay Kelly
Dave Mickelson
Nita Sahai
Toni Simo
Brad Singer
Cliff Thurber
Basil Tikoff
John Valley
Herb Wang
Huifang Xu

Emeritus Faculty News for 2004:
Charlie Bentley
Carl Bowser
Dave Clark
C.S. Clay
Cam Craddock
Robert H. Dott, Jr.
Lou Maher
Gordon Medaris
Lloyd Pray
Klaus Westphal

Weeks Lectures, Speakers - 64k

Geology Museum Annual Report - 168k
Rich Slaughter

Mail-in forms/printable:
Gifts to the Department, 2005 and
Geoclub T-shirt orders (New Design!) - 640k

Courtyard Brick order form - 44k

Roadside Geology order form - 576k

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