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Front cover: Out of This World? The Wisconsin Astrobiology Research Consortium- 212k
Back cover: Department group photo, fall 2007 - 236k 
Inside the front cover: Outcrop contents and contact information- 92k
Inside the back cover: Faculty and staff listed, staff news- 92k

The articles:

Chair's letter (page 1) 84k
Jean M. Bahr

Donors' list
(page 2) 84k

Weeks Legacy (page 3) 108k

Board of Visitors Report (pages 4-5) 180k
Thomas M. Johnson

Distinguished Alumni Awards for 2007 (pages 6-7) 202k
J. Lawford Anderson, Richard W. Hutchinson, Mark D. Myer

The Archivist's Corner, The History of Geophysics at Wisconsin (pages 8-10) 288k
Robert H. Dott, Jr.

Field Trips (pages 11-14) 632k
 Canary Islands (Singer); Dinosaur National Monument (Kelly, Tikoff);Keweenaw Peninsula (Huberty)

Student Degrees; Awards and Scholarships; Grad GeoClub - E. Freeman (pages 15-16) 164k

Alumni News for 2007; Remembering Mary Stoertz; Death Notices (pages 17-22) 841k

Professional Honors (page 23) 128k

Cover Story (page 24-25) 216k
Out of This World? WARC, Clark Johnson

New Facility in Weeks Hall, Harold Tobin (page 26) 176k

Pioneers in MMG (page 27) 360k

Bringing Back Bayou Bienvenue, Matitri Venkat-Ramani (page 28) 128k

GLE Update, Craig Benson; Weeks Lectures (page 29) 132k

New Faculty, Anders Carlson, Shanan Peters, (page 30) 92k

Faculty and Emeriti News for 2007, (pages 31-40) 544k
Mary Anderson (page 31)
Jean Bahr (page 31)
Phil Brown (pages 31-32)
Charlie Byers (page 31)
Alan Carroll (page 32)
Chuck DeMets (pages 32-33)
Kurt Feigl (page 33)
John fournelle (page 33)
Dana Geary (page 33)
Laurel Goodwin (pages 33-34)
Clay Kelly (pages 34-35)
Eric Roden (page 35)
Nita Sahai (pages 35-36)
Brad Singer (page 36)
Cliff Thurber (pages 36-37)
Basil Tikoff (page 37)
John Valley (page 37)
Herb Wang (pages 37-38)
Huifang Xu (page 38)

Emeritus Faculty News (pages 39-40)
Nikolas Christensen (page 39)
Robert H. Dott, Jr. (pages 39-40)
Lou Maher (page 40)
Gordon Medaris (page 40)
Dave Mickelson (page 40)

Geology Museum Annual Report, (pages 41-44)
Rich Slaughter

Sales (books available and T-shirt form) (page 45)
Field Experience Campaign and pledge form (pages 46-47)
Gifts in 2008 form (page 48)

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