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Front cover - Stranded jellyfish, Dott and Damrow - 1MB
Inside the front cover - 148k
Outcrop index and cover description

Back cover, Department group photo, 2001 - 1.3MB
Inside the back cover - 864k
Alumni Brick Program (see mail-in form below to order)

The articles:

Chair's letter - 236k
Mary P. Anderson

The James J. and Dorothy T. Hanks Memorial Award in Geophysics - 572k
Thomas C. Hanks

Sedimentary Visualization Laboratory Opens - 808k

Board of Visitors News - 604k
Jay Nania, Board Chair

Distinguished Alumni Awards for 2001 - web

Alumni News and Letters - 1.5MB
Death Notices - 236k

From the Archivist's Corner, "Linkages" -2.1MB
Robert H. Dott, Jr.

Featured Faculty Research, "Sedimental Journeys"
Alan Carroll - 456k
Dana Geary - 820k
Toni Simo, Norlene Emerson, and C.W. Byers - 448k

Ordovician in Wisconsin Theses - 108k
Marie Dvorzak

Pyrenees Field Trip - 1.6MB
Toni Simo

Reports from Albert and Alice Weeks Postdoctoral Fellows
Gwen Daley - 112k
Michael Kaplan -104k

Meet the New Faculty, Clay Kelly - 1.1MB

Meet the New Staff - 564k
Richard Slaughter
Teresa Egan

Weeks 3 (The West Wing Addition) - web
Report from the Building Committee Chair - Louis Maher

Professional Honors - 288k

Bob Dott Wins Pestigious Sloss Award - 288k
Lloyd Pray

2001 National Meetings - 3MB
attendants listed - GSA Boston and AAPG Denver
GSA photos by Dave Mickelson

Interview with Lloyd Pray - 756k
John Fournelle and Anna Bradshaw

Geoclub Annual Festivities - 392k
Nancy Mahlen
Geoclub Fall Field Trip Photos - 1.4MB
Jessica Darter and Liz Leslie

Undergrad Geoclub News - 1MB
Rueben Johnson

New Graduate Students - 252k
New students listed;
Student Annual Awards and Scholarships;
Degrees Awarded in the Academic Year 2000-2001

GLE News - 4MB
Dave Mickelson

Faculty Activities in 2001
Mary Anderson - 464k
Jean Bahr - 496k
Charles W. Byers - 284k
Alan Carroll - 776k
Chuck DeMets - 692k
John Fournelle - 1.3MB
Dana Geary - 84k
Clay Kelly - 1.1MB
Louis J. Maher - 932k
Dave Mickelson - 932k
Nita Sahai - 388k
Toni Simo - 392k
Brad Singer - 672k
Clifford Thurber - 636k
Basil Tikoff - 1MB
John W. Valley - 560k
Herb Wang - 904k
Klaus Westphal - 3.2MB

Emeritus Activities in 2001
C.R. Bentley - 540k
Carl Bowser - 940k
Clarence S. Clay - 928k
Campbell Craddock - 556k
Robert H. Dott, Jr. - 464k
Gordon Medaris - 436k
Lloyd Pray - 1.7MB

Museum Annual Report - 3.2MB
Klaus Westphal

Weeks Lectures and Speakers of Opportunity - 444k

Mail-in forms - 332k
Gifts to the Department, 2002
Geoclub T-shirt orders
Courtyard Brick Program order form

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