MORVEL plate motion calculator

(output formats are rate/azimuth and GMT psvelo)

Global plate geometry

AM: Amur AN: Antarctic AR: Arabia AU: Australia CA: Caribbean
CO: Cocos CP: Capricorn EU: Eurasia IN: India JF: Juan de Fuca
LW: Lwandle MQ: Macquarie NA: N. America NB: Nubia NZ: Nazca
PA: Pacific PS: Philippine Sea RI: Rivera SA: S. America SC: Scotia
SM: Somalia SR: Sur SU: Sundaland SW: Sandwich YZ: Yangtze

Step 1: Select stationary and moving plates.

Fixed plate: Enter two-letter code from list above -

Moving plate: Enter two-letter code from list above -


Step 2: Input coordinates for velocity calculation.

Type or cut-and-paste latitude, longitude pairs in decimal or integer degrees,
one pair per line.

WARNING: Latitudes should be geocentric (spherical Earth) rather than geodetic.

Example 1: 45°N, 50°E should be entered 45, 50 or 45.0, 50.0
Example 2: 30.4°S, 120.6°W should be entered -30.4, -120.6


(Limit of 1000 lines per request)