Plate boundaries for NNR-MORVEL56 model

Tar file of NNR-MORVEL56 plate boundaries

Zip file of NNR-MORVEL56 plate boundaries

The links above are to tar and zip archives that contain simple ASCII files that specify the enclosed boundaries of all 56 plates that were used to derive the NNR-MORVEL56 no-net-rotation angular velocities. Each tar and zip archive contains one plate geometry file for each of the 56 plates, plus a single file that includes the geometries of all 56 plates. Each file name is coded to an individual plate. Each file contains a 2-column sequence of latitude/longitude plate boundary coordinates that fully enclose the plate.

Forty-nine of the 56 plate geometries in this file are identical to those in Bird (2003). The other seven plate geometry files enclose plates that are unique to MORVEL or whose geometries were modified from Bird (2003). Our plate boundaries differ from Bird's only for the Somalia-Lwandle, Australia-Capricorn, Australia-Macquarie, and South America-Sur plate boundaries. Interested users should refer to Bird (2003) for a detailed explanation of how he defined the plate boundaries from seafloor spreading magnetic anomalies, topography, earthquake epicenters, and volcano locations. Please cite Bird (2003) and Argus et al. (2011) as the source of these plate boundaries.