Information about the UW-Madison Electron Microprobe Lab

The UW-Madison Electron Microprobe Lab was set up in 1966 by Gene Cameron with a 3-spectrometer ARL-EMX , which was replaced by a 9- spectrometer ARL-SEMQ in 1981.

In August of 1993, a state-of-the-art Cameca SX50/51 (SN 485) Microprobe was delivered, with installation of this new generation microprobe continuing into 1994. Jean-Michel Peneau was the engineer in charge.

In November 1994, Dr. Eugene Cameron "cut the ribbon" on the new SX50, at a ceremony attended by the UW-Geology and Geophysics Alumni Committee

The lab operates as a multi-user facility, with usage divided roughly equally between geologists and material scientists and engineers. The lab was managed from 1966 to 1992 by Dr. Everett Glover , and since 1992 by Dr. John Fournelle .

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