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Updated:May 21, 2014 (DOS Box)

***************************Running DOS on 64 bit Win7 PCs****************************** Some programs here below are older DOS items, especially the very useful GMRFilm. To run these DOS programs on 64 bit computers under Win7 requires a DOS emulator. There is a free program DOSBox (available from Source Forge). Download it. 1. You create a folder directly under c: (e.g., give folder a name such as old-dos-stuff) and place in it the DOSBox program and the DOS programs 2. You edit the DOSBox config file (Options) last line (auto exec) to mount that folder as the a drive (e.g. mount a c:\old-dos-stuff) 3. Then you run DOSBox, cd to the a: drive and bingo, your dos programs are sitting on the emulated a: drive and can run there. ****************************************************************************************

Programs (some are Windows, others the old but good DOS):

Download the appropriate version of the Monte Carlo software to your computer. Create a folder and unzip/unstuff the files in it (many files created, including some documentation). This is very good software and I have been using it for several years, usually at least once a week, to answer questions I or researchers have regarding the excitation volume usually in reference to thin films or small inclusions. ************************************************

  • "Casino", developed by Raynald Gauvin and associates at the Universite de Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, is extremely valuable. It runs under Windows and is quite flexible and user friendly Download it from the Casino Web Site

    Feng Lu, in our 777 class, wrote up a sheet of instructions for a quick start with CASINO.

  • Down it from our class ftp site (zipped version)
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  • Win Xray
  • Download from the McGill University web site: Win Xray by Hendrix Demers and Raynald Gauvin
  • Download it from our class ftp site
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  • DTSA 2
  • Feb 17, 2013. Here is a prior version which does not have the "feature" of some screens being too large for your monitor: Note that it is the Windows version only. Download from our class ftp site here
  • Desktop Spectrum Analyzer-II developed by Nicholas Ritchie (this updated version 2 runs under Java, currently on non-Mac platforms; the original DTSA ran only under old Mac platforms (OS 8 & 9) Download from the NIST web site
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  • PENEPMA, a heavy duty Fortran Monte Carlo program for simulation of electron and photon interaction with materials, based upon PENELOPE-- List of articles|| NEA web site for Penelope information
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  • Comparison of MONTE CARLO PROGRAMS
  • A comparison of the various Monte Carlo simulation programs that are available for x-ray microanalysis compiled by Nicholas Ritchie at NIST
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  • Matrix correction software developed by John Armstrong of CalTech (now at American University Chemistry Dept):
  • CITZAF and TRYZAF (zipped)
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  • Thin Film Software
  • GMR Film by Ralph Waldo of GM. ******For running on 64 bit Win7 PCs, see advice at top of page******** GMR Film (zipped)After you download and then unzip the file, click on 'gmrfilm.exe' to run the program. There is an option whether or no to do the continuum fluorescence correction: answer yes (no was for old slow computers). You will be running in the black cmd (dos) window; to exit, hit ctrl+esc
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  • XMAC
  • Program developed by Jean-Louis Pouchou at ONERA (French aerospace research center where Castaing developed the first electron probe):
  • Xmac (zipped)
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