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2013 Tutorials

· Noriko Kita, WiscSIMS:  SIMS Basics

· Reinhard Kozdon, WiscSIMS:  Analysis of Biogenic Carbonates

· Ian Orland, WiscSIMS:  Approaches to Speleothem Analysis

· John Valley, WiscSIMS:  Accuracy vs. Precision in SIMS Analysis

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Keynote Lectures

· Jay Banner, University of Texas at Austin: Integrating Texas Speleothem Proxies: Constraints from Monitoring and Imaging Studies

· John Eiler, California Institute of Technology: Reconstructing the trace element composition of ancient seawater through SIMS studies of biogenic carbonates

· Mira Bar-Matthews, Geological Survey of Israel: Significance of High Resolution Proxies: Variations in Speleothems for Terrestrial Climate Reconstruction

· Matt Huber, Purdue University: The Future of Past Climate

· Howie Spero, University of California, Davis: Resolving Micron Scale Stable Isotope Heterogeneity in Cultured Planktonic Foraminifera

· James Zachos, University of Californi, Santa Cruz: Progress and Promise - Reconstructing seawater temperature and chemistry during the Eocene greenhouse extremes

Contributed Talks and Posters

· Reinhard Kozdon, WiscSIMS: Seafloor Diagenesis Attenuates the Carbon Isotope Excursion Marking the PETM

· Ilya Bindeman: Snowball or Slushball glaciations 2.4Ga? Resolving microanalytical evidence in subglacially hydrothermally-altered (down to -27.3‰ δ18O) rocks and coeval supergene materials

· Feng He, Jeremy Shakun, Peter Clark, Anders Carlson, Zhengyu Liu, Bette Otto-Bliesner, John Kutzbach: Testing mechanisms of the last deglaciation with transient climate simulations and high-resolution proxy data

· R. Gannon, C. Charles, T. Guilderson: Imaging the 20th century tropical Indian Ocean thermocline through a sclerosponge archive

· Karen Russ, Larissa Back, Zhengyu Liu, Kuniaki Inoue, Jiaxu Zhang, and Bette Otto-Bliesner: The Hydrological Cycle Response to Rapid versus Slow Global Warming

· Margaret Schoeninger and Melanie Beasley: Paleoenvironment and seasonal variation in rainfall at Allia Bay, Kenya 3.97 MA

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