Defmod is available at

Some results obtained using Defmod are available here.

The video above shows coseismic deformation, visualized using a wrapped color scale, due to slip on a reverse fault.

Postseismic deformation & pore-pressure field following the earthquake due to poroviscoelastic rebound/relaxation over a period of 1 year can be seen here.

Note: Some of the files and links below may not be up-to-date. To download the latest code, visit the (bitbucket) repository.

A precompiled Defmod binary for x86-64 systems running Linux is available here along with the source code. Use the following instructions to download and run:

 $ wget
 $ tar -xzf defmod.tar.gz
 $ cd defmod
 $ ./defmod -f examples/two_quads_qs.inp
 $ ./defmod -f examples/two_quads_qs.inp -pc_type lu -pc_factor_mat_solver_type superlu

Note: If you want to run Defmod in parallel (using mpiexec or its equivalent) then you _must_ compile Defmod from source using instructions available in the INSTALL file.

Suggested workflow: Cubit/Trelis → Exodus II file → exo2inp (or your own code/script) → ASCII input file → Defmod → VTK output file(s) → ParaView