Flambeau Copper: A Unique Deposit


The following panoramas and still images comprise a field trip through the Flambeau/Ladysmith copper mine in NW Wisconsin. This very unusual copper deposit was mined between 1994 and 1997 and yielded nearly 2 million tons of direct shipping ore. I have photographed fourteen nodes and have linked these together into an interactive tour of this very unusual copper mine.

Need a location map here.

Here is a view taken in the West end of the Pit. Because these movies are 480x360 pixels they are currently over 1 MB in size, I will be reducing them in size in the near future.

The 2nd and 3rd nodes are each successively about 100 meters further to the east.


Linking all the nodes in the pit to the one taken from the Visitors Center gives a 13 node walk through that occupies 4 MB of disk space. I reduced the stitched PICTs by 50 % in height and width before making these nodes and tour - this reduced the file size by a factor of 4 but at the cost of some detail in the zooms. Note that from the 2nd node you can either continue to the west end of the pit or turn around and pass to the south of the ramp and go out to the east end of the pit.

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