Views of the Mine

Here is a QTVR panorama taken at the west end of the mine in late October 1996. Turn around and view the white highly siliceous 'mushroom' in the west wall. It is seen protruding from the stratigraphic footwall upward into the dark massive ore, is thinly laminated and has many attributes of what a white smoker mound might look like. Another possibility is that it is an example of soft-sediment diapirism.

Navigation: Put your cursor in the picture, press the left (or only) mouse button, and move left or right for a 360 degree view. You can look up and down within a limited range if the movie is partially zoomed in.
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Perhaps the best overview of the west end of the pit comes from Node 2 photographed about 100 meters ENE of Node 1. The main ore lens can be clearly seen dipping to the NW, the ore runs straight from the wall to the camera position across the pit floor. (Two more benches of ore were removed after these photos were taken before mining ceased in March 1997.) The thinner upper ore lens can be seen running up the SW corner of the pit. The reddish brown patches, especially high up on the wall, in some cases represent leached gossan - 115,000 tons of gossan averaging 0.6 opt Au were recovered from near the surface.

Node 2