View from the Top of the Capitol

The top balcony just below the lantern is best known as the location of the peregrine falcon nesting box on the East side of the dome. I took a series of photographs using a 19-35mm zoom lens. Using the 19mm setting I took photos in portrait mode using each of the 8 streets radiating from the capitol as guides. Because the granite balustrade is roughly 4 meters displaced from the axis of the Capitol, I hand held the camera and placed the horizon at a common place in the lens for each exposure. I then repeated the process using the 35mm setting - this necessitated taking 16 photos. The ASA 400 print film was scanned at 1012 dpi and interactively stitched to cope with slight camera tilts that crept into some of the frames as I fought the wind on July 15, 1997 (a sunny but blustery day in Madison). The final 35 MB Pict file (1376 x 8928) was sized in Photoshop to 832 x 5376 (~13 MB) before Dicing (using Cinepak at 25% quality) and using the QTVR v.1 'msnm' tool to generate the 520 KB file.

Click here for views from the 4th and 9th levels.