QTVR - A Technology Made for Geological Education




The QuicktimeVR Panoramas and Objects are viewable using Netscape 3 or 4 or Internet Explorer on Macintosh or Windows. You must have Quicktime 2.1 (or higher - version 3 is far superior to the earlier ones and version 4 is now available), complete with the appropriate plug-ins for your browser. Before going any further you should have the QuickTime player installed on your computer and have your browser set up to utilize this player. Click here for a link directly to Apple's QTVR Player Install Page to get the latest version of QuickTime for either Macintosh or Windows machines.

If you have not seen QTVR before, it is a major breakthrough from Apple in making computer generated ( and real ) spaces explorable interactively. Also QTVR files are relatively small so they can be downloaded quickly.

Parfrey's Glen, Baraboo Hills, WI

View from the Capitol, Madison, WI

Flambeau Copper deposit, Ladysmith, WI