PACROFI VI - Preliminary Program - Oral


Phase Equilibria and Analytical Techniques
Ore Deposits
Metamorphic, Crustal and Mantle
Regional Geology
Melt Inclusions
Petroleum and Sedimentary Geology
Geothermal Systems



Phase Equilibria and Analytical Techniques

Thursday Morning

Diamond, Larryn
Isochoric Paths in Immiscible Fluids and the Interpretation of Multicomponent Fluid Inclusions

Bodnar, Robert J., Cs. Szabó, S.N. Shilobreeva and S. Newman
Quantitative Analysis of H2O-CO2 Fluid Inclusions by Raman Spectroscopy

Schmidt, Christian and Robert J. Bodnar
Volumetric Properties and Solvus Locations in the Ternary System H2O - NaCl - CO2 at Elevated Temperatures, Pressures, and Salinities up to 20 Wt% Sodium Chloride

Chou, I-Ming
Precautions on the use of the Hydrothermal Diamond-anvil Cell for the Acquisition of Volumetric and Phase Relation Data of Geologic Fluids

Lüders, Volker and Christian Reutel
Possibilities and limits of Infrared Microscopy Applied to Studies of Fluid Inclusions in Sulfides and Other OpaqueMinerals

Guilhaumou, Nicole, Paul Dumas and Gwyn P. Williams
Synchrotron Infrared Microspectrometry of Single Fluid Inclusions Beyond the Diffraction Limit

Shepherd, Thomas and Simon Chenery
Chemical Characterisation of Hydrothermal Fluid Inclusions by Laser Ablation-ICP-Mass Spectrometry

Ore Deposits

Thursday Afternoon

Cline, Jean S., Albert H. Hofstra, Robert O. Rye and Gary P. Landis
Stable Isotope and Fluid Inclusion Evidence for a Deep Sourced Ore Fluid at the Getchell, Carlin-type, Gold Deposit, Nevada

Selby, David and Bruce E. Nesbitt
A Fluid Inclusion and Stable Isotope Study of the Endako Porphyry Molybdenite Deposit, British Columbia: Implications for P-V-T-X History of Ore and Post Ore Fluids

Kowalski, Barbara S. and Stephen A. Kissin
Fluid Inclusion Studies of the Metalore-Golden Highway Gold Deposits, Geraldton-Beardmore District, Northwestern Ontario

Xavier, Roberto P., Paulo F. R. Pires and Job de Jesus Batista
CO2 - Dominated Fluids in Greenschist and Amphibolite Facies Mesothermal Lode - Gold Deposits in Brazil

Seccombe, Phil K. and Z. Jiang
Fluid Evolution in Shear-zone Hosted Cu-Au Vein Deposits: Examples from the Cobar Region, Lachlan Fold Belt, Australia

Hagemann, Steffen G., Philip E. Brown, Colin Bray and Ed Spooner
GC-IC Analyses...

Straub, Kelley T., Steffen G. Hagemann, Philip E. Brown and Chris J. Yeats
Fluid Inclusion Constraints on the Mineralizing Fluid from the Composite VHMS and Lode-Gold Deposits at Mt Gibson, Western Australia

Stuart, Fin M., P.G. Burnard, R.P. Taylor and G. Turner
Tracing mantle volatiles in ancient hydrothermal fluids: He-Ar isotopes in fluid inclusions from Dae Hwa W-Mo deposit, S. Korea

Graupner, T., U. Kempe, E. Dombon, O. Paetzold and O. Leeder
The Fluid Regime in the Tungsten (-Yttrium) Deposits of Kyzyltau (Mongolian Altai); Comparison with Fluid Zonation in Tungsten-Tin Ore Systems

Wang, Yunshuen, Munetake Sasaki, Masakatsu Sasada and Cheng-Hong Chen
Fluid Inclusion Studies of the Chinkuashih Gold-Copper Deposits, Northern Taiwan

Jiaxiu, Wei and Hu Xiaodie
Study of compositions of single inclusions analyzed by laser Raman microprobe and the evolution of ore-forming fluids in the Zijinshan copper-gold deposit, China

Metamorphic, Crustal and Mantle Geology

Friday Morning

Lamb, William
Carbonate - Silicate Equilibria in Granulites: Implications for the Formation of CO2-Rich Fluid Inclusions

Nesbitt, Bruce E.
Fluid Inclusions in the Study of Crustal Scale Paleo-Fluid Regimes.

El-Shazly, Aley El-Din and Virginia B. Sisson
Fluid Inclusion Evidence for Exhumation of Eclogites and Blueschists from Northeast Oman

Boiron, Marie Christine, Michel Cathelineau, F. Noronha, David A. Banks, E. Vindel and J.A. Lopez
From Retrograde Hercynian Metamorphism to Granite Related Geothermal Fields : A Fluid Chemistry and P-T-Depth Reconstruction Based on Fluid Inclusions

Vityk, Maxim O. and Robert J. Bodnar
Plastic Flow vs. Brittle Deformation: Do Fluid Inclusions in High Temperature Metamorphic Environments Decrepitate?

Ridley, John R. and Steffen G. Hagemann
Fluid Inclusions in Archean High-Temperature Gold Deposits: Can We Evaluate Post-Entrapment Modification?


Friday Morning

Zimmermann, Heide
Changes in Brine and Fluid Inclusion Composition During the Precipitation of Halite out of Evaporating Seawater

Benison, Kathleen Counter and Robert H. Goldstein
Permian Paleoclimate Data from Fluid Inclusions in Halite

Regional Geology

Friday Afternoon

Barker, Colin, George E. Sullivan and William D. Underwood
Gases in Fluid Inclusions in Veins Cutting the Bald Eagle and Adjacent Formations, Central Pennsylvania, USA

Vanko, David, Melissa Huner, Gwendolyn Rhodes and Sandra Dowling
Fluid Inclusions in Vein Minerals (Calcite, Quartz, and Gypsum) of the Southeast Piedmont, U.S.A.

Marshall, Dan, David Kirschner, Francois Bussy, H-R Pfeifer and J.C. Hunziker.
Alpine Pressure-Temperature-Time Path for the N-E Mont-Blanc Massif: Fluid Inclusion, Isotopic and Thermobarometric evidence

Cathelineau, Michel, David A. Banks, M. Ayt Ougougdal, Marie Christine Boiron and Bernard Poty
Fluid Penetration and Faulting in Alpine Granites (Mont Blanc and Aar Massifs) : A Multidisciplinary Study of Fluid Inclusions and Their Chemistry

Boiron, Marie Christine, David A. Banks, Michel Cathelineau and E. Ramanaidou
Contrasted Fluid Chemistry in Quartz Veins from the Ouro Fino Syncline (Brazil) : A Multidisciplinary Chemical Characterization of Sulfate-Volatile Rich Brines

Dublyansky, Yuri, Vadim Reutsky and Nina Shugurova
Fluid Inclusions in Calcite from the Yucca Mountain Exploratory Tunnel

Melt Inclusions

Friday Afternoon

Belkin, Harvey E., B. De Vivo, K. Torok and J.D. Webster
Silicate-Melt Inclusions in Vesuvius Lavas (<1631 A.D.): Microthermometry and Analytical Chemistry

Student, James J. and Robert J. Bodnar
Synthetic Silicate Melt Inclusions From the H2O-Saturated Haplogranite System at 800oC and 2000 Bars: Experimental Techniques and Fluid Inclusion Microthermometry

Thomas, Rainer
A Link Between Melt Inclusion Studies and Experimental Petrology: Exemplified by Investigations on Granitic Rocks from the Erzgebirge, Germany

Thomas, Rainer, Dieter Rhede and Robert B. Trumbull
Microthermometry of Volatile-rich Silicate Melt Inclusions in Granitic Rocks

Petroleum and Sedimentary Geology

Saturday Morning

Hall, Don L.
Application of Fluid Inclusions to Petroleum Exploration: Some Recent Advances and Case Studies

Schmidt-Mumm, Andreas
Application of Fluid Inclusion Studies to the Reconstruction of the Thermal Evolution of Sedimentary Basins

Smith, Mike P.
Fluid Inclusion Volatile Well Logs of the Gravberg#1 Well, Siljan Ring, Sweden

Macleod, Gordon, S.R. Larter, A.C. Aplin, K.S. Pedersen and T.A. Booth
Determination of the Effective Composition of Single Petroleum Inclusions Using Confocal Scanning Laser Microscopy and PVT Simulation

Jones, D. M., Gordon Macleod, S.R. Larter, Don L. Hall, A.C. Aplin and M. Chen
Characterization of the Molecular Composition of Included Petroleum

Geothermal Systems

Saturday Morning

Larese, Richard E. and Don L. Hall
Studying Petroleum Migration with Fluid Inclusions: Results from Hydrothermal Burial Simulation Experiments

Smith, Martin P., Bruce W.D Yardley and John W. Valley
The Record of Multistage Fluid Flow in Recent Geothermal Quartz from Soultz-Sous-Forêts, France

Moore, Joe and David Norman
Fluid Inclusion Gases in Active Geothermal Systems: Examples from Liquid- and Vapor-Dominated Fields

Ruggieri, G., Michel Cathelineau, M.C. Boiron, C. Marignac and G. Gianelli
Fluids and P-T-X Conditions Related to Chlorite Formation in the Larderello Geothermal Field