II Symposium of the Asian and Pacific International Fluid Inclusion Society (APIFIS)

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

October 4-8, 1998

The purpose of the 2nd APIFIS Symposium is to provide the opportunity for scientific investigators of inclusions in minerals and rocks to meet together and discuss the results of their research.

The main topics of Symposium are:

1. Advances in thermobarogeochemical (TBG)-research in countries of Asia and the Pacific and new directions of their development.

2. Using new apparatus and methods for TBG-investigations.

3. Composition and TBG-parameters and the systematization of fluid inclusions, which characterize the magmatic, effusive and sedimentary processes and conditions of formation of pegmatites, alpine veins etc.

4. The using of TBG-investigation results for prediction and mining of gold, silver, rare, dispersed and polymetallic, fluorite and another types of mineralization, oil, coal and another types of essential minerals.

5. Elaboration of training programs and the publishing of text-books and training aids for students in the geological professions in universities, institutes and colleges.

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