University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Tuesday, June 2

The Marjorie Barrick Museum Auditorium

(J. Dubessy and R. Bodnar, co-chairs)

8:30 Welcoming remarks
Jean Cline

8:45 Keynote address: Ascending or Descending Water Flow Through Yucca Mountain Tuffs? - Fluid Inclusion Evidence. Roedder, Ed, and Whelan, J.F.

9:20 Traces of Epigenetic Hydrothermal Activity in the Yucca Mountain Volcanic Tuffs: Fluid Inclusion and Gas Chemistry Evidence. Dublyansky, Y.

Analytical Methods

9:40 Analysis of Methane at Low Concentration in Fluid Inclusions with Raman Spectroscopy. Dubessy, J., Pironon, J., Lamb, W., McShane, C., Popp, B., and Thiéry, R.

10:00 Coffee Break

10:20 Quantitative Analysis of Synthetic Fluid Inclusions in the H2O-CH4 System Using Raman Spectroscopy. Leng, J., Sharma, A., Bodnar, R.J., Pottorf, R.J., and Vityk, M.O.

10:40 Individual Fluid Inclusion Microanalysis Combining Proton-Induced and Photon-Induced X-Ray Emission (PIXE and SXRF). Ménez, B., Philippot, P., Vanko, D.A., Mosbah, M., Chevalier, P., Drakopoulos, M., Populus, P., and Snigirev, A.

11:00 Improvements for the Analysis of Individual Fluid Inclusions, Minerals and Glasses. Fabre, C., Boiron, M., Dubessy, J., and Moissette, A.

11:20 Mapping Trace-Metal (Cu, Zn, As) Distribution in Individual Fluid Inclusions Using a 3rd Generation Synchrotron Light Source (Esrf, France). Philippot, P., Ménez, B., Drakopoulos, M., and Snigirev, A.

11:40 Lunch


(P. Brown and S. Hagemann, co-chairs)

Gold - I

1:20 Multi-Phase Vein System at the Bronzewing Gold Deposit, Western Australia: Evidence for Homogeneous T-X Conditions During Ductile Shear Zone Development and Formation of the Vein System. Dugdale, A.L., and Hagemann, S.G.

1:40 Fluid Inclusion Analysis of a Shear Zone Hosted Lode Gold Deposit, Paddington, Western Australia. Lee, T.J., and Brown, P.E.

2:00 A Fluid Inclusion Study of the Fosterville Mine, Australia: A Turbidite-Hosted Gold Field. Mernagh, T.P.

2:20 Hydrothermal Fluids Associated with Intrusion-Related Au-Deposits with Lithophile Affinities: Examples From The Tombstone Plutonic Suite, Yukon. Baker, T., Lang, J.R., and Mortensen, J.K.

2:40 Fluid Inclusions and Quartz Textures in the Auriferous Veins of La Higuerita Mine, La Laguna Area, Córdoba, Argentina. González, M.M., and Mas, G.R.

3:00 Coffee Break

3:20 Poster Presentations (21 Posters)


Gold - II

4:00 The Bohemian Quartz Lode and Adjacent Vein Mineralization in the Bohemian Massif: An Example of Fluid Circulation in a Shear Zone. Dobes, P., Zak, K., Leach, D., and Viets, J.

4:20 The Evolution of Pressure, Temperature and Composition of Hydrothermal Fluids in a Regional Shear Zone During Retrograde Metamorphism, Regional Uplift, and Cooling: The Kasperske Hory Gold Deposit Case Study (Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic). Zak, K., Durisova, J., Strnad, L., Golias, V., Leach, D., Snee, L.W., Viets, J., and Stein, H.J.

4:40 Fluid Regime in Lode-Gold Deposits of the Proterozoic Seridó Belt, Borborema Province, Ne Brazil. Silva, W.L., Xavier, R.P., and Legrand, J.M.

5:00 Hosted Poster Session, The Marjorie Barrick Museum

Wednesday, June 3

The Marjorie Barrick Museum Auditorium

(R. Bakker and M. Vityk, co-chairs)

8:30 Keynote address:
Applications of Fluid Inclusion Technology to Hydrocarbon Systems. Pottorf, R.J., and Vityk, M.O.


9:00 Fluid and Thermal History of an Exhumed Petroleum Reservoir. Brennan, S.T., and Goldstein, R.H.

9:20 Major Fault Zones in the Cantabrian Zone (Nw Spain): Possible Migration Paths For Petroleum. Bakker, R.J., and Grimmer, J.


Chemical Systems and Synthetic Fluid Inclusions

9:40 Theoretical Prediction of Phase Separation, PVT Properties, Enthalpy and Fugacity of Supercritical Fluids H2O-CO2-CH4-N2 up to 2000 K and 100 Kbar. Duan, Z., Moller, N., and Weare, J.

10:00 Coffee

10:20 Reequilibration of Synthetic CO2-H2O Fluid Inclusions in Quartz. Bakker, R.J., and Diamond, L.W.

10:40 Is the Assumption of Isochoric Fluid Inclusion Behavior Valid? A Raman Spectroscopic Study of P-T Paths of H2O Fluid Inclusions. Sharma, A., Leng, J., and Bodnar, R.J.

11:00 Plastic Flow Associated with Reequilibration of Fluid Inclusions in Quartz. Vityk, M.O., Bodnar, R.J., and Doukhan, J.

11:20 Group Photograph

11:40 Lunch

(V. Lüders and K. Benison, co-chairs)


1:20 ESEM X-Ray EDS: A New Technique For Major Element Chemical Analysis of Frozen Fluid Inclusions using an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope with Attached Energy Dispersive System. Timofeeff, M.N., Lowenstein, T.K., and Blackburn, W.H.

1:40 Environmental SEM (ESEM) X-Ray EDS Chemical Analysis of Frozen Fluid Inclusions: Preliminary Results from Aqueous Standards, Fluid Inclusions in Laboratory-Grown Halite Crystals, and Phanerozoic Halites. Timofeeff, M.N., Lowenstein, T.K., Blackburn, W.H., and Hardie, L.A.

2:00 Investigations on Fluid Inclusions from Late Permian (Zechstein) Evaporites in Northern Germany. Siemann, M.G., Klingenberg, I., and Prohl, H.

2:20 Fluid Inclusions in Halite Indicate Extremely Acid Permian Lakes and Groundwaters. Benison, K.C., Goldstein, R.H., Wopenka, B., Burruss, R.C., and Pasteris, J.D.

2:40 Coffee


Ore Deposits - I

3:00 Cambrian VHMS Rosebery Deposit, Western Tasmania: Constraints from Metal Zonation and Fluid Inclusion Studies. Khin Zaw, Huston, D.L., and Large, R.R.

3:20 Formation of Massive Sulfide Ores and Barite in the Central Okinawa Trough, Japan: Evidence from Studies of Fluid Inclusions and Stable Isotopes. Lüders, V., Pracejus, B., and Halbach, P.

3:40 The Magmatic-Hydrothermal Evolution of a Tin Granite: The Mole Granite, Australia. Audétat, A., Günther, D., and Heinrich C.A.

4:00 Fluid Inclusions of the La Descubridora Tin Deposit: Evidence of Fluid Evolution. Fogliata, A.S., González, M.M., and Mas, G.

4:20 Fluid Inclusion Evidence for the Involvement of Basinal Brines and Granitic Fluids in the Development of Composite Cornish Sn-Lodes, SW England. Rankin, A.H., Christoula, M., and Halls, C.

Thursday, June 4

The Marjorie Barrick Museum Auditorium

(A. Campbell and P. Nabelek, co-chairs)

Magmatic Systems

8:40 Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) in Diamonds and Other Minerals from the Kimberlite Pipes of Mir and Udachnaya-Vostochnaya. Gassymova, F.I., and Melnikov, F.P.

9:00 Preliminary Fluid Inclusion Results from the "El Muerto" Pegmatite, Oaxaca, Mexico. Morales-Alvarado, M., and Prol-Ledesma, R.M.

9:20 Fluid Inclusion Microthermometry in Be-Ta-(Li-Sn)-Bearing Pegmatites from the Borborema Province, Northeast Brazil. Beurlen, H., da Silva, M.R.R., and de Castro, C.

9:40 Melt Inclusion Investigation of the Volatile Behaviour of Fractionating Alkaline Magma, Mount Erebus, Ross Island, Antarctica. Eschenbacher, A.J., Kyle, P.R., Lowenstern, J.B., and Dunbar, N.W.

10:00 Coffee

10:20 The Origin of the Shoshonite-Latite Rock Series of Uksichan Volcano (Kamchatka, Russia), from Data on Melt Inclusions. Prokofyev, V.Yu., Perepelov, A.B., and Belozerova, O.Yu.

10:40 Inclusions in the Harney Peak Granite and its Associated Pegmatites (Black Hills, South Dakota): Implications on Geochemical Evolution of Magmatic Fluids in a Leucogranitic System. Sirbescu, M., and Nabelek, P.

11:00 A Model for the Temporal and Spatial Evolution of Magmatic Fluid Inclusions in Porphyry Copper Deposits. Bodnar, R.J.

11:20 Solid Inclusions of Halite in Quartz: Evidence for the Halite Trend. Campbell, A.R., Wilson, S.A., and Dunbar, N.W.

11:40 Lunch


(J. Wilkinson and M. Cathelineau, co-chairs)

Ore Deposits - II

1:00 Mantle Input into the Mineralizing Fluids of the Colorado Mineral Belt: The Noble Gas Story. Thrower, C.D., Burnard, P.G., Turner, G., and Pattrick, R.A.D.

1:20 Fracture-Controlled Flow of Mineralizing Fluids in Basement Rocks Beneath Carbonate-Hosted Base Metal Deposits, Ireland. Wilkinson, J.J., and Everett, C.E.

1:40 Fluid Inclusion and Stable Isotope Analyses Applied to Mississippi Valley-Type (Pb-Zn) Mineralization on Bathurst Island, N.W.T., Canada. Rose, S.R.A., and Spencer, R.J.

2:00 Geochemistry and Daughter Mineralogy of Late-Stage Carbonatitic Fluids: Implications for REE, Ba, Sr, U, and Base Metal Mineralization Processes Associated with Carbonatites. Buehn, B., and Rankin, A.H.

2:20 A Fluid Inclusion Study of Geodes from Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil: Implications for the Origin of Quartz Geodes. Lueth, V.W., and Goodell, P.C.

2:40 Coffee


Water-Rock Interaction

3:00 Numerical Modeling of Water-Rock Interaction using Reconstructed Fluid Composition: A Multi-Characterization of Alpine Fissure Fluids. Cathelineau, M., Guerci, A., Banks, D., Boiron, M., and Ayt Ougougdal, M.

3:20 Studies on the Filling of Pore Space in the Rotliegendes Sedimentary Rocks, SW Poland: Fluid Inclusions, Luminescence, Isotopes. Jarmolowicz-Szulc K.

3:40 Density Differences in Fluid Inclusions from Mono- and Polymetamorphic Rocks in the Austroalpine Basement. Kaindl, R., Abart, R., Hoinkes, G., and Knoll, P.

4:00 Tracing Fluid Sources in an Active Hydrothermal System: A Case Study of the Geysers, California. Moore, J.N., Norman, D.I., and Kennedy, B.M.

4:20­5:00 Business Meeting

5:00 Buses Leave for Lake Mead Cruise and Banquet

Poster Presentations

Genesis Conditions of the Berezovsk Gold Deposit, Middle Urals: Evidence from Fluid Inclusion and Isotopic Data. Baksheev, I., Prokofiev, V., and Ustinov, V.

Unusual Low Temperature Phase Behavior in the System H2O-NaCl-FeCl2. Baldassaro, P.M., and Bodnar, R.J.

3D Geometry Reconstruction and P-V-T-X Conditions of Microfissural Ore Fluid Migration in Crystalline Rocks: The Example of the Mokrsko Au-Bearing Granodiorite (Bohemian Massif). Boiron, M., Barakat, A., Cathelineau, M., Banks, D., Durisova, J., and Moravek, P.

Fluid Inclusions as a Monitor of Progressive Grain-Scale Deformation during Cooling of the Papoose Flat Pluton, Eastern California. Brauer, N.A., Bodnar, R.J., and Law, R.D.

Chemistry of Brines Migrating at the Basement-Sedimentary Cover Contact: The Example Of Soultz (Rhine Graben). Cathelineau, M., Banks, D., Boiron, M., Ayt Ougougdal, M., and Yardley, B.

The Gas Composition and Temperature of Fluids Related to Diamond Bearing Carbonatites, Western Uzbekistan. Divaev, F.K., Polickovsky, V.S., Ivanova, N.A., and Yudalevich, Z.A.

Comparison of LA-ICP-MS and Ion Chromatography Methods in the Analysis of Single Fluid Inclusions in Evaporites. Ellendorff, B., Schmidt, K., and Siemann, M.G.

Fluid Inclusion and Stable Isotope Geochemistry of a Cambrian to Ordovician Carbonate-Hosted Zinc Deposit, Southeastern Yukon, Canada. Heimbach, J.M., and Spencer, R.J.

Behavior of Synthetic Fluid Inclusions in the System H2O-NaCl-CO2-Ag. Krüger, Y., and Diamond, L.W.

Fluid Inclusions in Quartz and the Inference to Mineralization at Depth, Yinshan Polymetallic Deposit, Jiangxi Province, P.R. China. Liu Wei.

Fluid Inclusions in Quartz, Shibangou Gold Ore Deposit, Xixia, Henan, P.R. China. Liu Wei and Dehui Zhang.

The Mineralogic and Fluid Inclusion Record of the Transition from Liquid to Vapor-Dominated Conditions at the Geysers, California. Moore, J.N., Adams, M.C., and Anderson, A.J.

Volumetric Reconstruction of an Oil Inclusion Using Confocal Scanning Laser Spectroscopy. Pironon, J., Canals, M., Dubessy, J., Walgenwitz, F., Laplace-Builhe, C.

The Composition of Gases in Fluid Inclusions of Late Permian (Zechstein) Evaporites In Northern Germany. Prohl, H., and Siemann, M.G.

Fluid Regime and Conditions of Origin of the Sukhoi Log (Russia) Gold-Platinum Deposit. Prokofyev, V.Yu., Distler, V.V., Spiridonov, A.M., Grebenschikova, V.I., Yudovskaya, M.A., Matel, N.L., Mitrofanov, G.L., and Nemerov, V.K.

The System H2O-NaCl-CO2 at Elevated Temperatures, Pressures, and Salinities: Solvi, Lines Of Equal Homogenization Temperature, and Critical Points. Schmidt, C., and Bodnar, R.J.

Mineral Paragenesis and Pressure and Temperature Constraints During Gold Mineralization at the Turquoise Ridge Carlin-Type Gold Deposit, Nevada. Shigehiro, M., and Cline, J.S.

Formation of Magnetite-Scheelite Skarn Mineralization at Kara, Northwestern Tasmania: Constraints from Mineral Paragenesis, Fluid Inclusion and Oxygen Isotope Studies. Singoyi, B., and Khin Zaw.

Fe-Rich Hypersaline Aqueous and CO2 Inclusions Associated with Retrograde Metamorphism of the Chlorite-Muscovite-Quartz Schist from the Sopron-Area (Eastern Alps, W-Hungary). Torok, K.

Paragenetic and Fluid Inclusion Data from the Vizcachitas Porphyry Copper Project, Central Chile. Willard, D.T., and Cline, J.S.

The Gas Composition of Inclusions in Accessory Minerals of Barofavourite and Heavy Level Types of Magmatic Complexes of Rocks of Thien Shan. Yusupov, R.G., Polickovsky, V.S., Savarddinov, I.A., and Umarov, B.N.