In the aftermath of the cancellation of the PACROFI meeting originally scheduled for western Canada in October of 2000 there have been 2 proposals for PACROFI 2002. (These decisions are usually made during the closing session of the previous PACROFI, can't happen this time.)

Bob Goldstein, David Newell and Ray Coveney have volunteered to host a meeting in late May or early June 2002 in Kansas.

Alan Anderson and Dan Kontak have offered a meeting in August or September 2002 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Details of their proposals are available here (KANSAS) and here (NOVA SCOTIA)

We need to know what you think. Send me [Phil Brown (pbrown@geology.wisc.edu)] your preference vote and any comments. We all try to plan in advance so this matter must be decided soon. Votes cast after February 2001 will likely be ignored.