Geofluids III

The third international "Geofluids" congress was held in Barcelona, Spain, between the 12th and 14th of July 2000.The focus of "Geofluids" was to understand, model, and predict the role of fluids in the earth's crust in the development and management of economic resources (hydrocarbons, metals, groundwater). This topic has gained ever-increasing importance through the past years, reflecting the technological challenges in exploration and development of these scarce but valuable reserves. Interaction of academic and industry researchers, and cross-fertilisation between different disciplines is providing exciting new analytical and modeling techniques for understanding fluid flow and mass transfer in geological media at a variety of scales.

The "Geofluids" conference cycle has become an established showcase for leading-edge academic and applied research in fluid migration, evolution and interaction in sedimentary basins and orogenic belts. The first Geofluids conference took place in Torquay in 1993, and the second in Belfast in 1997. Geofluids II attracted 200 participants from industry, and almost 100 academic researchers.

Geofluids III in Barcelona continued to emphasize the link between the physics and chemistry of fluids in the earth's crust, from microscopic to orogenic scales. We intend to keep the successful format of previous Geofluids conferences and anticipate the same stimulating discussions that characterized them.

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This special double volume of the JOURNAL OF GEOCHEMICAL EXPLORATION contains the proceedings of the third international Geofluids conference held in Barcelona, Spain, 12-14 July 2000. The conference was aimed at promoting and providing cross-fertilisation between different disciplines offering exciting new analytical and modelling techniques for understanding fluid flow and mass transfer in geological media at a variety of scales.

Over 140 peer-reviewed papers covering a broad spectrum of geoscientific themes were presented. The conference, organised in eight sessions,
addressed the main fields of earth sciences in which the role of fluid flow and solute transport is currently being studied. The large number of presentations covering aspects of fluid interaction with economically important mineral or groundwater resources reflects the growing importance of Geofluids. Another rapidly developing field is the interaction between fluid flow and deformation, which was presented in a separate session of its own. The range of presentations shows that the role of fluids in geologic processes is receiving increasing attention in the geoscience community and that Geofluids has become a truly interdisciplinary field of research.

Journal of Geochemical Exploration
Special issue on GEOFLUIDS III '2000
Volume 69-70
714 pages
Publication July 2000
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