The goals for ECROFI Siena 2005 will be the following:
- A clear identity to melt inclusion studies. Much more emphasis than before. Specific meetings have been organised for m.i. research: this is a very-fast-expanding field. This should be fully acknowledged within our group, of  which they are an integral part.
- Attract young people. Ph.D. and Post doc should join and present their research. That was the case when I was a Ph. D. Very low fees for them, and advertising in the right "places".
- Give emphasis to new f.i. applications and neighbouring techniques. The idea is to be more open. As an example: Stable isotope people do work on inclusions. Let's discuss together on several aspects.
-  Higher visibility to non academic world. We are organizing pre-meeting short courses for non specialists on those applications of f.i. which expand to the industry (eg. oil prospection, gemstones...)
- More time dedicated to key note talks and open discussions on selected subjects.
- Low cost.
    We will be honoured to host ALL the fluid and melt inclusion community in Siena in 2005. Next ECROFI could be the right place where to discuss the future of our Meetings and eventually  welcome a new "International Conference on Fluid and Melt Inclusion Research".

Maria Luce