You can choose between two methods of registration: 

1- air mail or fax: Either fill out the meeting brochure, if available, or print the frame and send it by mail or fax to the address/number in the opening page: click here

2- email: You can make your electronic registration filling the underlined spaces bellow in a copy of the text and email it to:


The excursions have a limited number of participants thus priority will be given to those who register and pay the fees first. The web page will be updated as soon as all the places are taken. 

Last Name:______________________    First Name:______________________



e-mail:_____________________    Phone:____________________  



I will present __ work(s): ____Oral____Poster






Thematic sections: (1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7)


Payment: This can be done as refered to in the payment fees page .

                                        Before February 28    After February 28

A) - Normal Registration        175 Euros                     200 Euros

       Students                            85 Euros                       95 Euros    

       Accompanying persons *   60 Euros                       70 Euros


                                            Total (A) _____________ Euros

B) - Post meeting excursion 

                Panasqueira (Tungsten mine) 


               Neves Corvo (VMS copper - tin mine)        125 Euros


                                         Total (A+B) ____________ Euros



* Includes icebreaker party, lunch and the social and cultural events