The inscription in the meeting will cost:
Until 28 of February 2001
  • Professionals     175 Euros
  • Students                85 Euros
  • Accomp. persons 60 Euros

After 28 of February 2001

  • Professionals     200 Euros
  • Students               95  Euros
  • Accomp. persons 60 Euros

Ice breaking party, lunch and social events  included.

Post-meeting excursion: 

Neves-Corvo Copper-Tin-Zinc VMS deposit (2 days) limited to maximum of 30 participants.

  • Cost   125 Euros

Panasqueira Tungsten-Tin deposit (2 days) limited to maximum of 15 participants.

  • Cost    125 Euros

We apologise but dificulties that were arised by with the national VISA representative unable us to provide any form of credit card payment for the registration fees. However Portugal possesses a wide and ample network of automatic cash withdrawl machines.

 Payment can be made in two ways:

  1. Bank transfer to XVI-ECROFI (Porto 2001) Number Account: 0311 202008388 Barclays Bank - Clérigos - Porto (BIN: 003203110020200838827);
  2. By International Bank Cheque to XVI-ECROFI (Note: No personal account cheques are accepted).