Nancy, France

July 1-4, 1997



Wednesday, July 2nd Amphitheatre 1


9h00-9h30 Welcome / Bienvenue

General Principles,

Advances in Analytical Techniques

and Experimental Results

Chairmen : C. Ayora and J. Dubessy

9h30 SHEPHERD T., AYORA C., CENDON D., CHENERY S., MOISSETTE A. and ZIMMERMANN H., Interlaboratory evaluation of techniques for the chemical analysis of single fluid inclusions.

9h50 GÜNTHER D., AUDETAT A., FRISCHKNECHT R. and HEINRICH C.A., A 193 NM excimer laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometer system for fluid inclusion analysis.

10h10 AUDETAT A., GÜNTHER D., FRISCHKNECHT R. and HEINRICH C.A., Quantitative analysis of major and trace elements in individual fluid inclusions by LA-ICP-MS.

10h30 - 10h50 Coffee break / Pause-café

10h50 MOISSETTE A., DUBESSY J., BOIRON M.C., FABRE C., MAUCHIEN P. and LACOUR J.L., Laser ablation OES and its application to individual fluid inclusion analysis: state of the art.

11h10 BOIRON M.C., MOISSETTE A., FABRE C., DUBESSY J., BANKS D. and YARDLEY B., Ion analysis in individual fluid inclusions by Laser Ablation - Optical Emission Spectroscopy. Application to natural fluid inclusions.

11h30 MAYANOVIC R.A. and ANDERSON A.J., Micro-beam XAFS studies on fluid inclusions under hydrothermal conditions.

11h50 MENEZ B., PHILIPPOT P., CHEVALLIER P., GIBERT F., LEGRAND F. and POPULUS P., Synchrotron X-ray microfluorescence analysis of individual fluid inclusions : (Ka/Kb)i used as an absorption correction term for concentration estimates.

12h10 VOLFINGER M., RAMBOZ C., AISSA M. and CHOI C.G. Some practical aspects of a quantitative analysis of fluid inclusion by PIXE method.

12h30 - 13h 30 Lunch / Déjeuner

13h30 -15h00 Posters / Affiches


Chairmen : T. Shepherd and M.C. Boiron

15h00 DUBESSY J., LARGHI L. and CANALS M., Reconstitution of ionic composition of fluid inclusions.

15h20 SALVI S. and WILLIAMS-JONES A., Analyses of volatiles in fluid inclusions by gas chromatography : applications to the origin of reduced gases in alkaline rocks.

15h40 GUILHAUMOU N., DUMAS P., CARR G.L. and WILLIAMS G.P., Infrared synchrotron microspectrometry : applications to microanalysis in the micron scale range.

16h00 VAN DEN KERKHOF A., KOOI E., SCHOUTEN J., ISTRATE G. and ALTHAUS E., The system CO2-N2 at high pressures : applications to fluid inclusions.

16h20 - 16h40 Coffee break / Pause-café


Chairmen : E. Spooner and P. Philippot

16h40 GIBERT F., GUILLAUME D. and LAPORTE D., Experimental study of fluid immiscibility in H2O-NaCl-CO2 at 5-7 kb and 900°C using synthetic fluid inclusions.

17h00 THIÉRY R. and DUBESSY J., Modelling of high-pressure vapour-liquid equilibria in the H2O-NaCl system from 100°C to 700°C based on the ion-dipole MSA model.

17h20 BAKKER R.J., Up to date clathrate modelling : excess energies for mixed gas hydrates.

17h40 ZONOVA I.A. and SHMULOVICH K.I., Thermogradient migration of fluid inclusion in quartz.


18h15 Departure for the visit of the laboratories / Départ pour la visite des laboratoires


20h Wine and cheese tasting party

Dégustation Vins et Fromages


Thursday, July 3rd Amphitheatre 1

Fluid Migration and Deformation

Chairmen : E. Vindel and M. Lespinasse

8h30 BOULLIER A.M., FIRDAOUS K. and BOUDIER F., Fluid circulation related to deformation in the Zabargad gneisses (Red Sea rift).

8h50 MUTEMERI N., FRIMMEL H.E. and TOURET J.L.R., Fluids associated with a granite-greenstone contact : the Chinyika shear zone in the Late Archean Harare greenstone belt, Zimbabwe.

9h10 SCHMIDT MUMM A., Fluid systems in Archean tectogenesis : the Southern Zimbabwe craton and Northern marginal zone of the Limpopo belt.

9h30 MUCHEZ P. and SINTUBIN M., Contrasting origin of palaeofluids in a strike-slip fault system.

9h50 GONZALEZ M.M. and MAS G.R., Fluid inclusion petrography in ductile deformed gold-quartz veins.

10h10 -10h30 Coffee break / Pause-café


Chairmen : A. Schmidt Mumm and A.M. Boullier

10h30 LESPINASSE M., CATHELINEAU M., BOIRON M.C. and LEROY J.L., What is the usefulness of fluid inclusion planes (FIP) ?

10h50 NIVLET P., NOGUEIRA P., CANALS M., AYT OUGOUGDAL M., CATHELINEAU M., Statistic and fractal analysis of sets of fluid inclusion planes : implications for the reconstruction of paleopermeability tensors.

11h10 NOGUEIRA P., NORONHA F., CATHELINEAU M. and BOIRON M.C., Paleocirculation of gold mineralizing fluids in granitic rocks from NW Portugal.

11h30 GARCIA E., VINDEL E., LOPEZ J.A., BOIRON M.C. and CATHELINEAU M., Geometry of fluid migration in granites : the example of the Spanish Central system.

11h50 ANDRE A.S., BOIRON M.C., CATHELINEAU M., LEROY J.L. and LESPINASSE M., Fluid inclusion planes (FIP) geometry and P-T-X conditions of fluid migration in the St Sylvestre granite (NW French Massif Central).

12h30 - 13h 30 Lunch / Déjeuner


13h30 -15h00 Posters / Affiches

Alpine fluids

Chairmen : J. Mullis and B. Poty

15h00 POTY B., Alpine fluids : a review.

15h30 AYT OUGOUGDAL M., CATHELINEAU M., BANKS D., BOIRON M.C. and POTY B., Fluid and mass transfer around alpine clefts : Compararison between the Mont Blanc and the Aar massif.

15h50 MARSHALL D., PFEIFER H.R. and HUNZIKER J.C., Alpine pressure-temperature-time path for the N-E Mont-Blanc Massif : fluid inclusion, isotopic and thermobarometric evidence.

16h10 POLLIAND M. and MORITZ R., Late alpine polymetallic quartz-barite veins in the "Montagne de Pormenaz", Aiguilles Rouges Massif, France : fluid inclusion and isotope (S, Sr) constraints.

16h30-16h50 Coffee break / Pause-café

16h50 MULLIS J. and DE CAPITANI Ch., Fluid immiscibility in the Central Alps.

17h10 WYDER R.F. and MULLIS J., Brittle deformation and fluid impregnation of Tavetsch kakirites (Sedrun/GR, Central Swiss Alps).

17h30 MARIGNAC C., BANKS D., BOIRON M.C., AYT OUGOUGDAL M., POTY B. and CATHELINEAU M., Alpine fracture sealing at the contact between a crystalline basement and its sedimentary cover : La Gardette (French Alps).


Thursday, July 3rd Amphitheatre 2

Hydrothermal processes and ore deposits

Chairmen : D. Vanko and J. Leroy

8h30 ZAW K., Microprobing of VHMS ore fluids : implications for the role of sea water leaching vs. magmatic processes.

8h50 ANDERSON A.J., MAYANOVIC R.A., HORN I., JACKSON S. and THOMAS R., Element partitioning and ore-metal transport in a two-phase hydrothermal system : evidence from fluid inclusions in pegmatites and associated polymetallic sulfide veins in the Saxonian granulite Massif, Germany.

9h10 BONEV I., FALLICK A. and BOYCE A., Isotopic composition of primary fluid inclusions in galena.

9h30 MORAN R.A., FEELY M. and KENNAN P.S., Fluid inclusion studies of the late Caledonian Leinster granite and its quartz veins in SE Ireland.

9h50 KLING M., Estimation of age and formation conditions of copper veins at Brenntal, Austria using microthermometric data and a P-T-t path.

10h10 - 10h30 Coffee break / Pause-café


Chairmen : F. Noronha and C. Marignac

10h30 DUBOIS M., VILLASENOR-CABRAL M.G., SAVARY V. and GUIBINGA A., A fluid inclusion study in the Pb-Zn-Ag district of Zimapan, Mexico.

10h50 DOBES P., VIETS J., ZAK K. and LEACH D., Pb-Zn vein mineralization of the Stribro ore district, Bohemian massif : an example of epithermal fluid circulation.

11h10 KILIAS S., CHELIOTIS I., CONSTANDINIDOU E., CROSSING J., NADEN J., SHEPHERD T.J. and SIMOS I., Epithermal gold mineralization in the Aegean : the Profitis Ilias deposit, Milos Island, Greece.

11h30 LEROY J.L., BAILLY L., MILESI J.P., MARCOUX E. and NEHLIG P., Fluid behaviour in the epithermal Au-Cu-Zn-Sb deposits of the Baia Mare district (North Rumania).

11h50 BENGOCHEA L. and MAS G., Fluid inclusions in quartz veinlets from the mineralization of the gold mine Hualilan, San Juan province, Argentina.

12h30-13h30 Lunch / Déjeuner


13h30-15h00 Posters / Affiches


Chairmen : J. Cline and G. Giuliani

15h00 MORITZ R. and GHAZBAN F., Fluid evolution and gold mineralization during uplift and extensional tectonics of a metamorphic rock complex in the Sanandaj-Sirjan tectonic zone, Western Iran.

15h20 BEURLEN H., DA SILVA M.R.R. and SANTOS R.B.D., Auriferous quartz veins from Serrita, State of Pernambuco, NE-Brazil : a fluid inclusion study.

15h40 FORTES P. and GIULIANI G., Fluid inclusions studies associated with massive sulfide and quartz vein ore bodies from Mina III and Mina Nova gold deposits, Crixas greenstone belt, central Brazil.

16h00 RIDLEY J.R. and OJALA V.J., Fluid pH estimation from nahcolite-bearing aqueous-carbonic inclusions, the example of the Granny Smith gold deposits, Western Australia.

16h20 - 16h50 Coffee break / Pause-café


Chairmen : R. Morritz and G. Giuliani

16h50 SOUZA NETO J.A., SONNET Ph. and LEGRAND J.M., Nitrogen-rich fluid inclusions in the Itajubatiba gold skarn deposit, NE Brazil.

17h10 WILLARD D.T. and CLINE J.S., Fluid inclusions as an exploration tool at the Vizcachitas porphyry copper project, Central Chile.

17h30 NORONHA F., VINDEL E., LOPEZ J.A., DORIA A., GARCIA E., BOIRON M.C. and CATHELINEAU M., Fluids related to tungsten mineralizations in Northern Portugal and Spanish Central system : a comparative study.

17h50 GOMEZ M.C. and ALIOTTA G., Hydrothermal fluid evolution in the W San Martin deposit, Argentina.


Friday, July 4 Amphitheatre 1

Sedimentary basins, diagenesis, environmental aspects

Chairmen : F. Walgenwitz and J. C. Touray

8h30 SMITH M.P., Fluid inclusion well logs : petroleum migration, seals and proximity to pay.

8h50 MUNZ I.A., ANDRESEN B. and KIHLE J., PVT calculation of hydrocarbon inclusion fluids.

9h10 PIRONON J., CANALS M., DUBESSY J., WALGENWITZ F., LAPLACE-BUILHE C., Volumetric analysis of hydrocarbon inclusions : new data for P-T-X reconstruction of petroleum reservoirs.

9h30 GRISHINA S., PIRONON J., KONTOROVICH A., POLOZOV A., ARISKINA O., Hydrocarbon inclusions in Cambrian salt deposits of Siberian platform: a clue for oil geochemistry understanding in metamorphic salts.

9h50 MORALES-RUANO S., TOURAY J.C., FENOLL HACH-ALI P. and BARBANSON L., A "cocktail" of exotic fluids in the C-O-H-S system evidencing the polyphase history of the Turon fluorite deposit (Betic Cordillera, South Spain).

10h10-10h30 Coffee break / Pause-café


Chairmen : D. Banks and J. Pironon

10h30 MULLIS J., The application of fluid inclusions to fluid geochemistry and geothermobarometry in diagenetic and low-grade metamorphic rocks in the external parts of the Central Alps.

10h50 CATHELINEAU M., BANKS D., AYT OUGOUGDAL M., PIRONON J., BOIRON M.C., DUBESSY J. and YARDLEY B., Fluid mixing during brine and oil migration at the basement - sedimentary cover contact in the Rhine graben (Soultz deep drilling) : new fluid chemistry data.

11h10 PARENTE G., BONI M. and DE VIVO B., Hydrothermal dolomitization in SW Sardinia (Italy) : fluid inclusions evidence of a post-Hercynian fluid flow.

11h30 DUBLYANSKY Y. and FORD D., Paleoenvironment in hydrothermal karst : evidence from fluid inclusions and isotopes of carbon and oxygen.

11h50 CHAREF A., SHEPPARD S.M.F. and ABBES A., Halite, anhydrite and barite from the Triassic salt domes of North Tunisia : nature of fluid inclusions and genetic implications.

12h10 FANLO I. and AYORA C., Fluid inclusions in halite from the Lorraine basin : implications for the composition of the Triassic ocean.

12h30 -13h30 Lunch / Déjeuner


Chairmen : D. Norman and M. Cathelineau

14h20 YARDLEY B.W.D., GRAHAM J.T. and SMITH M.P., Controls on the salinities of metamorphic fluids : interpreting results from fluid inclusions.

14h40 BANKS D.A., TRITLLA J., McCAIG A.M. and HENDERSON I., The use of halogen systematics in deducing fluid sources and processes in the Pyrenees.

15h00 SAVOYE S., ARANYOSSY J.F., BEAUCAIRE C., LOUVAT D. and MICHELOT J.L., The influence of fluid inclusions on the groundwater chemistry in granitic environment.

15h20-15h40 Coffee break / Pause-café


Chairmen : B. Yardley and M. Cathelineau

15h40 NORMAN D.I., MOORE J.N., Gaseous species in fluid inclusions : a fluid tracer and indicator of fluid processes.

16h00 CHAZALLON B., CHAMPAGNON B., PANCZER G., PAUER F. and KUHS W.F., Micro-Raman analysis of air-inclusions in ice cores.

16h20 LINDBLOM S., BROMAN C. and FROGNER P., Fluid inclusions and the weathering of historical monuments.

17h - 17h30 Closure / Clôture


Friday, July 4 Amphitheatre 2

Magmatic-Metamorphic processes

Chairmen : M. L. Frezzotti and B. Moine

8h30 SCOTT T., YANG K., Metal-rich magmatic fluids in felsic volcanic rocks : an explanation for "giant" massive sulfide ore deposits ?

8h50 NAUMOV V., KOVALENKO V. and DOROFEEVA V., Concentration of volatile components (H2O, CO2, S, Cl, F) in the magmas : evidence from melt inclusions.

9h10 THOMAS R., Determination of the water content in melt inclusions of granitic rocks : comparison of results obtained from microthermometry and microprobe analyses.

9h20 HURAIOVA M., DUBESSY J. and KONECNY P., Temperatures, pressures, fluid composition and oxygen fugacities in a deep-crustal magmatic reservoir (Southern Slovakia, Western Carpathians).

9h40 MEIER S. and KLEMD R., Cooling and uplift history of selected syenite pipes of the Phalaborwa igneous complex, South Africa ; evidence from microthermometry and petrography.

10h10 - 10h30 Coffee break / Pause-café


Chairmen : V. Naumov and J. Touret

10h30 FREZZOTTI M.L., LUSTENHOUWER W.J., TOURET J.L.R., VITI C. and NEUMANN E.R., Ephemeral carbonate-melts in the mantle, silicate-carbonate immiscibility in xenoliths from La Gomera (Canary Islands).

10h50 DE VIVO B., AYUSO R.A., BELKIN H.E., BLACK S., MACDONALD R., McGEEHIN J.P., PAONE A., ROLANDI G., RUBIN M., TOROK K. and WEBSTER J.D., Geochemical and isotopic (Nd-Pb-Sr-O and U-Th series) variations, fluid-melt inclusion studies and 14C dating bearing on the genesis and evolution of volcanic rocks from Mt Somma-Vesuvius, Italy.

11h10 VEKSLER I.V. and SOKOLOV S.V., Melt inclusions in minerals from plutonic carbonatites : implications for the composition of parental magmas.

11h30 HURAI V., SIMON K., WIECHERT U., HURAIOVA M., KONECNY P. and PIRONON J., Late-stage immiscible separation of Ni, Cu, Zn-rich, Fe-oxide melt from evolved alkali basalt.

11h50 KOZLOWSKI A. and METZ P., Melt and carbon dioxide inclusions in olivines from melilitites of Schwäbische Alb, Germany.

12h10 CHABIRON A., ALECHINE A., CUNEY M., GOLUBEV V., VELICHKIN V.I. and POTY B., Composition of melt inclusions in the rhyolites of the Streltsovka uranium ore field (Eastern Transbaikalia, Russia) as indicators of magma specialization.

12h30-13h30 Lunch / Déjeuner


Chairmen : B. De Vivo and M. Cuney

14h00 PINTEA I., The significance of the liquid homogenisation temperature in salt melt inclusions. A case study in neogene porphyry copper ore deposits from metaliferi mountains (Western Romania).

14h20 CHUPIN V., KUZMIN D. and TOURET J.L.R., Melt and fluid inclusions in minerals from garnet granulites/eclogites (Eastern Pamir).

14h40 ANDERSEN T., BURKE E.A.J. and WHITEHOUSE M.J., Fluid inclusions in Scourian granulites from the Lewisian complex of NW Scotland : evidence for CO2-rich fluid in late-Archean high-grade metamorphism.

15h00 MOINE B., RAMAMBAZAFY A. RAKOTONDRAZAFY M., CUNEY M. and DE PARSEVAL P. The role of fluor-rich fluids in the transport of Th, Zr, Ti and REE : an example from the granulites of South Madagascar.

15h20-15h40 Coffee break / Pause-café


Chairmen : E. Burke and S. Scott

15h40 MATVIYENKO A., SAKHNO B. and IVANOV B., Physical - chemical conditions of spodumen-petalite pegmatite formations in the central part of the Ukrainian shield.

16h00 PERETTI A. and MULLIS J., Distinction of natural and synthetic rubies by fluid inclusion analyses.

16h20 TOMILENKO A., SHATSKY V., TOURET J.L.R. and SHE-BANIN A., Fluid inclusions in eclogites and host rocks from the Northern Muya block, Western Transbaikalia, Russia.


19h30 Social dinner / Dîner dans les Grands Salons de l'Hotel de Ville


1. General Principles, Advances in Analytical Techniques and Experimental Results

1-1 ARCOS D. and AYORA C., The use of fluid inclusions in halite as environmental thermometer : an experimental study.

1-2 BANERJEE A. and GHIURCA V., Investigation of fluid inclusions in quartz crystals from Romania by FTIR spectroscopy.

1-3 PIRONON J., BARRES O., DE DONATO P., Fluid inclusion FT-IR spectroscopy at varying temperature.

1-4 ZIMMERMANN J.L. and VEEKEN P.C.H., Permanent fluids in coals from the Fohnsdorf basin, Austria : a preliminary quadrupolar mass spectrometric study.


2. Sedimentary basins, diagenesis, environmental aspects

2-1 ARCOS D. and TORNOS F., Hydrocarbon fluid inclusions in quartz crystals from the fluorite stratabound deposit of Berbes (NW Spain).

2-2 BILAL A., Fluid inclusions in Syrian triassic formations physico-chemical and paleothermal study.

2-3 CENDON D.I., AYORA C. and PUEYO J.J., The origin of barren bodies in the Subiza potash deposit, Navarra Spain.

2-4 DOBES P., SUCHY V., SEDLACKOVA V. and STANISOVA N., Hydrocarbon fluid inclusions from fissure quartz : a case study from the Barrandian basin (Lower Paleozoic), Czech Republic.

2-5 DUDOK I.V., PETRICHENKO O.I. and POBEREZHSKY A.V., Hydrocarbon inclusions in vein minerals of the Eastern Carpathians as an indicator of oil and gas migration.

2-6 GUEDES A., DORIA A., NORONHA F. and BOIRON M.C., Fluid inclusion studies in Paleozoic C-rich metasedimentary rocks from Northern Portugal.

2-7 KOVALEVICH V.M., JARMOLOWICZ-SZULC K., PERYT T.M. and POBEREGSKI A.V., Red Sea chevron halite : fluid inclusion temperatures and composition.

2-8 MARTIN CRESPO T., LOPEZ J.A., BANKS, D. and VINDEL E., Fluids associated with late orogenic quartz veins (Spanish Central System).

2-9 MATHIEU R., CUNEY M., CATHELINEAU M., DUBESSY J., PIRONON J., BOIRON M.C., GAUTHIER-LAFAYE F., Fluid movements in Franceville basin and around the Oklo nuclear reaction zones (Gabon) : Synthesis of the fluid inclusion data and new geochemical characteristics.

2-10 PROHL H., SIEMANN M.G. and DUBESSY J., The radioactive decay of potassium as a possible source for hydrogen in gas bearing fluid inclusions.

2-11 RAMBOZ C., BRIL H., LEOST I., RENAC C., A time constrained two-dimensional reconstruction of mass transfers around the Uzer growth fault (Western margin of the SE basin of France) : The missing link between geopressuring and Zn-Pb mineralization?

2-12 SIEMANN M.G., 3-dimensional plots for the chemical composition of brine inclusions in evaporates.


3. Alpine fluids, Hydrothermal processes and ore deposits


3-1 GUERCI A., CATHELINEAU M., BANKS D., KOMNINOU A., AYT OUGOUGDAL M. and POTY B., Numerical modelling of fluid rock interaction using fluid inclusion composition : the example of the Alpine fissures.

3-2 MULLIS J. and DE CAPITANI Ch., Modeling of water-rock interaction for an alpine fissure in the Central Alps.

3-3 HASENBERGER K., KANDUTSCH G., KIRCHNER E.C., What are the reasons for different habits of quartz crystal from alpine fissures of the eastern Tauern window (Eastern Alps, Austria)? Microthermometry-What can it contribute to an explanation?

3-4 ASENSIO B., SIERRA J. and ARRIBAS A., Exploration implications of large temperature ans salinity variations in Cu-bearing vs. barren quartz veins in Sierra Morena, Spain.

3-5 BACHILLER N., CASQUET C., QUILEZ E. and GALINDO C., Trends of fluids during the hydrothermal evolution in the leucogranites from the Burguillos Del Cerro intrusive complex (Badajoz, SW Spain). Model of mixing of fluids.

3-6 BAKSHEEV I., SPIRIDONOV E., USTINOV V. and PROKOFIEV V., Physico-chemical and isotope parameters of the genesis of the gumbeite and accompanying vein mineralisation, Urals.

3-7 BONEV I.K. and KOUZMANOV K., Fluid inclusions in sphalerite as negative crystals.

3-8 BORISENKO A., BOROVIKOV A. and BABICH V., Specific compositional features of ore-forming fluids at Deputatskoe tin-ore deposit (Yakutia).

3-9 BOULLIER A.M., FIRDAOUS K. and ROBERT F., On the significance of aqueous fluid inclusions in gold-quartz vein deposits in Abitibi (Canada).

3-10 CEPEDAL A., MARTIN-IZARD A., FUERTES M. and PEVIDA L.R., Fluid inclusions on quartz, garnet and pyroxene from the "El Valle" copper-gold deposits (Asturias).

3-11 DEMOUSTIER A. and CASTROVIEJO R., Fluid inclusion characterization of the Carneros epithermal ores (Cabo De Gata, Almeria, SE Spain) : preliminary results.

3-12 ESSARRAJ S., BOIRON M.C., BANKS D.A., PIRONON J., EL BOUKHARI A. and CATHELINEAU M., Fluids associated to silver deposition in Central Anti-Atlas, Morocco. A comparison between Zgounder and Bou Azzer Silver deposits.

3-13 GARCIA IGLIESIAS J. and LOREDO J., Fluid evolution in a Cu-Co-Ni epithermal vein (Carrena Cabrales, Asturias, Spain).

3-14 GATTER I., Fluid inclusion characteristic of the epithermal style mineralization at the Central Matra Mts (NE Hungary).

3-15 GOMEZ G. and MARTINEZ E., Fluid evolution in gemstone miarolitic cavities and quartz veins in a shallow granite intrusive, Sierras Pampeanas, Argentina.

3-16 GRAUPNER T., SPOONER E.T.C., BRAY C.J., KEMPE U. and KREMENETSKY A.A., Geochemistry of hydrothermal fluids from the Muruntau Au-quartz vein ore field (> 4 300 tonnes Au), Uzbekistan : initial volatile/ion chromatographic and microthermometric data.

3-17 IZQUIERDO G., ARELLANO V. and CATHELINEAU M., P-T-X conditions of formation of zeolites, clays and clays calc-silicates in the Los Azufres geothermal field.

3-18 KODERA P., RANKIN A.H. and LEXA J., Evolution of fluid responsible for iron skarn mineralisation : example from the Vyhne-Klokov deposit (Western Carpathians, Slovakia).

3-19 KOVALENKER V. and NAUMOV V., Epithermal fluids : chemical and isotopic composition.

3-20 LINDENMAYER Z.G. and RONCHI L.H., Mineralizing hydrothermal fluids in a metagabbro granophyric sill, Igarapé Bahia gold mine, Serra Dos Carajas, Brazil.

3-21 LÜDERS V., PRACEJUS B. and HALBACH P., Fluid inclusion studies in massive sulphide ores and barite from the Jade hydrothermal field (Central Okinawa Trough, Japan).

3-22 MAINERI C., LATTANZI P., Fluid circulation in post-deformation and extensional polymetallic sulphides veins at Promontorio Del Franco, Isola dl Giglio (Italy).

3-23 MARESCOTTI P. and FREZZOTTI M.L., Manganese-bearing fluids in composite vein systems in the braunite deposit from Molinello mine (Val Graveglia, Northern Apennine, Italy).

3-24 MOURA A.J., NORONHA F., CATHELINEAU M. and BOIRON M.C., Fluids from the Neves-Corvo volcanic massive sulfide deposit, Portugal.

3-25 ORTEGA L., SIERRA J., OYARZUN R. and LUNAR R., Fluid signature of copper stratabound deposits of the Talcuna district, Northern Chile.

3-26 PANIAGUA A., PRIETO M. and LOREDO J., Symplectite stibnite-cinnabar as breakdown product of livingstonite at Pedrosa Del Rey (Spain) : evidences from mineralogical, fluid inclusion and sulfur isotopic data.

3-27 PANIAGUA A., LOREDO J., FENOLL P. and RODRIGUEZ-PEVIDA L.S., Extrapolation at low temperatures of the arsenopyrite geothermometer contrasting with fluid inclusion data : the example of Salamon (Spain).

3-28 QUILEZ E., MORALES-RUANO S., BOIRON M.C. and CATHELINEAU M., The thermochemical evolution of complex-aqueous-carbonic fluid inclusions and their relation with the style of mineralization in W-Mo-sulphide deposits in the Spanish Central System.

3-29 RUGGIERI G. and GAROFALO P., Thermal variations in the Tendaho geothermal field (Ethiopia) : Evidences from fluid inclusion data.

3-30 SAVARY V., DUBOIS M., LEDÉSERT B., YARDLEY B.W.D. and ROYER J.J., History of fluid circulation in an alteration zone of the Soultz-sous-Forêts granite (Alsace, France).

3-31 TECCE F., BELKIN H.E. and CAVARRETTA G., Preliminary data on fluid inclusions in secondary minerals from Capodimonte 1D geothermal well, Vulsini volcanic district, Latium, Italy.

3-32 TECCE F., BELKIN H.E. and CAVARRETTA G., Fluid inclusions in sulphates from the Cesano 1 geothermal well (Latium, Italy).

3-33 VILLA I.M., BAKKER R., BOIRON M.C., CATHELINEAU M. and BANKS D., Ar isotope analysis and detailed analytical characterization of fluid inclusions from well Bruciano (Larderello geothermal field).

3-34 VOINKOV D.M., Geochemistry of sulfur isotopes and temperature environment of hydrothermal ore deposits Fe, Sn, W, Au (by fluid inclusions).

3-35 WLODYKA R. and KOZLOWSKI A., Fluid inclusions in hydrothermal analcimes from the rocks of the Cieszyn magma province (Poland).

3-36 ZACHARIAS J., FRICOVA A. and MORAVEK P., Preliminary results of fluid inclusion studies of variscan lode gold deposit Jilove near Prague, Czech Republic.


4. Magmatic-Metamorphic processes

4-1 AHAMDACH N. and PAGEL M., Parent magma chemistry through melt inclusions in quartz and apatite crystals : the case of the highly altered cinerites from the Lodève basin (Hérault, France).

4-2 ANDREEVA I.A., NAUMOV V.B., KOVALENKO V.I. and KONONKOVA N.N., Primary phosphate-silicate melts for the rocks of magmatic alkaline-carbonatitic complex from the Mushugai-Khuduk, South Mongolia : results of melt inclusions study.

4-3 BARASHKOV Y. and TALNIKOVA S., Fluid components of the diamond crystallization environment.

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