Contents of IMA Short Course Volume (377 total pages, soft bound))


Philosophy of Fluid Inclusion Analysis

R. J. Bodnar

Microthermometric Investigation: Th and Tm. Practical and Theoretical Aspects

H. E. Belkin

Raman Microspectrometry of Fluid Inclusions: The Daily Practice

Ernst A. J. Burke

Determination of Fluid Inclusion Compositions: Microanalytical Techniques

Marie-Christine Boiron and Jean Dubessy

The Silicate Melt Inclusions in Igneous Rocks

Li Zhaolin

Single Component Systems: Phase Diagrams and Their Application to Fluid Inclusions

Jean Dubessy

Interpretation of Microthermometric Data for H2O-NaCl Fluid Inclusions

R. J. Bodnar and M. O. Vityk

Introduction to Phase Relations of CO2-H2O Fluid Inclusions

Larryn W. Diamond

Equations of State for Modelling Phase Transitions in the System CO2-CH4-N2 Applied to Microthermometry of Fluid Inclusions

Jean Dubessy and Regis Thiery

Phase Transitions and Density Calculation in the CO2-CH4-N2 System

Fons Van Den Kerkhof and Regis Thiery

Application of Clathrates to Fluid Inclusion Studies

Ronald J. Bakker and Regis Thiery

Noble Gases In Fluid Inclusions

Igor M. Villa and Maria Luce Frezzotti

Applications of the Hydrothermal Diamond-Anvil Cell in Fluid Inclusion Research

I-Ming Chou, Andy H. Shen, And William A. Bassett

Macflincor: A Computer Program for Fluid Inclusion Data Reduction and Manipulation

Philip E. Brown And Steffen G. Hagemann

Fluid Inclusions in Sedimentary and Diagenetic Environments

Jacques L. R. Touret

Fluid Inclusions Planes: A Geochemical and Structural Tool for the Reconstruction of Paleofluid Migration

Michel Cathelineau, M. Lespinasse and M. C. Boiron

Fluid Inclusion Evidence of Mantle Fluids

Edwin Roedder

Fluids in Ore Deposits: Evidence from and Application of Fluid Inclusions

Pierfranco Lattanzi

Use of Fluid Inclusions for a Better Understanding of Intracontinental Geothermal Activities

Michel Cathelineau And Ch. Marignac

Lazio Geothermal Fields

H. E. Belkin, G. Cavarretta and F. Tecce

Evidence For Magmatic Immiscibility in Italian Subvolcanic Systems

Benedetto De Vivo and Maria Luce Frezzotti

Melt Inclusions as a Potential Guide into Mt. Etna Magmas Chemistry

Vadim Kamenetsky And Robert Clocchiatti