Fluid Inclusion Users School

The Department of Geosciences at New Mexico Tech will be offering, for the third time, a fluid inclusion users school in Socorro. The short course will be held 9-12 August, 1995. The instructors will include A. Rankin, D. Norman, A. Campbell, P. Brown and N. Dunbar. The school is designed to introduce new users to fluid inclusions as well as cover more advanced topics in various methods of chemical analysis of fluid inclusions. Morning sessions will be devoted to lectures and case histories and afternoon sessions to laboratory classes and demonstrations. A wide variety of topics will be covered including:

	Sample selection and preparation
	Optical examination and petrography
	Gas Analysis by quadrapole mass spec
	Infrared and UV microscopes
	Developments in computerized fluid inclusion analysis	
	Melt inclusions	
	Stable isotope analysis
	GCMS analysis for organic constituents
	INAA analysis of inclusion fluids
	Argon isotope analysis of inclusion fluids

Equipment available for use during the course includes:
	Linkam heating/freezing stage
	Linkam high temperature stage
	FLUID Inc gas-flow stage
	Research Devices and Olympus Infrared microscopes
	Nikon UV microscope
	Hitachi SEm with EDAX system
	Balzers quadrupole mass spectrometer
	HP GCMS for organic analysis
	Neutron activation analysis
	Finnigan MAT Delta E
	Ar-Ar dating lab with laser ablation
For more information on the users school please contact:

Attendance will be limited to the first 20 applicants. A fee of $490 includes 3 lunches, refreshments, a banquet and course notes.

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