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I need to generate a model of the behavior of Fe++ and Fe+++ at high temperatures and I have been told that SUPCRIT might be able to help me. Would anyone have access to, or know how
to get access to, this program?

I have searched the web and found nothing. Any help would be appreciated.

Paige Baldassaro
Virginia Tech

We have a working version of the new edition of SUPCRT compiled for Windows 95.

This can be gotten from the following FTP site:

David I. Norman
Professor of Geochemistry
Dept. of Earth and Environmental Science
New Mexico Tech
Socorro, NM 87801

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Dear Paige,

I have a DOS version of SUPCRIT92. Obviously, you will wish to use the version for Win95, mentioned by David Norman. However, if you want, I could send you the DOS version. However, I should note that the SUPCRIT92 database contains a little data on Fe ions (only Fe+2, Fe+3, FeCl+, FeCl2). Properties of fero- and ferric hydroxo-complexes are absent. So, these data are very truncated and (I think) not suitable for your calculations. Surely, you can use the code, but I think you should to search more completed dataset on Fe ions. Perhaps, you can find necessary data in papers of E.L.Shock, D.A.Sverjensky, J.Schott and some other authors (look for Geochem.Cosmochem.Acta, Chem.Geol., Amer.J.Sci.).

Pavel Azimov.

Pavel Azimov
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Everett Shock has SUPCRT92 updates at:


Michael A. McKibben phone: (909) 787-3444
Associate Professor of Geology fax: (909) 787-4324

Dept. of Earth Sciences Home Page:
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Note the compilation of Parker and Khodakovskii (J. Phys. Chem. Reference Data, v. 24, no. 5,
pp. 1699-1745, 1995).


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