Laser Raman Analyses and Total Fluid Inclusion Contents


S Javad Moghaddasi

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Dear all

Referring the application of Laser Raman spectroscopic analysis in the study of fluid inclusions, I have used the LRS analysis to get the composition of the volatile phases in fluid inclusions in my own research area (Tongshankou porphyry copper deposit, Hubei, China). CO2 was the only gas I found in the vapor bubbles. Other gas species, such as CH4, CO, SO2, N2 were not detected. It would be possible to determine the molar proportions of the species in a multicomponent system, but my question is that how can I estimate or determine the molar concentration of CO2 in my samples?

I would appreciate all the members of the discussion group give me some advice or references.



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Dear Javad:

Please refer to the following papers:

Seitz, Pasteris, and Chou, Am. J. Sci., vol. 296, 577-600, 1996 (especially Tables 2 and 3, Figs. 1B and 1C).

Rosso and Bodnar, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 59(19), 3961-3975, 1993.

Barton amd Chou, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 57, 2715-2723.

Barton and Chou, Economic Geology, 88, 873-884, 1993.

Good luck!

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Raman can tell you the relative molar proportions of the gases present, it can't tell you the absolute amount, and it can't tell you the proportion of water present. If you have water in the inclusions, you must calculate the molar proportions of aqueous and gas/carbonic phases from your microthermometry and volume data (together with Raman data on the gas composition). This is true whether your carbonic phase is 100% CO2 or mixed CO2-N2-CH4-whatever.

The references I-Ming suggested are a good place to start. Have fun.



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