Fall 1995 AGU Abstracts

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Here are some abstracts being presented in San Francisco during the Fall AGU that have some direct bearing on fluid inclusion research. If there are others that you believe should be listed here, please let me know.

Wada, Matsuda and Ozima.: Noble Gas Isotopic Compositions in Cubic Diamonds: Modern Mantle Component Trapped in Fluid Inclusions. p. F643

Ruiz, McCandless, Wampler and Ghazi: Laser Ablation ICPMS Analysis of Individual Fluid Inclusions Using Artificial Fluid Inclusion Standards in Microcapillary Tubes. p. F663

Belkin, De Vivo, Torok and Webster: Silicate Melt Inclusions in Vesuvius Lavas (pre-1631 A.D.): Microthermometry and Analytical Chemistry. p. F672

Kelley: Methane Concentrations and Isotopic Compositions in Layer 3 of the Oceanic Crust. p. F675

Chou and Haselton: A New Form of Ice and its Melting P-T Relations. p. F682

Hansteen, Lechtenberg, Sachs and Schmincke: Evidence for high Concentrations of Cs, Rb and Br in the Subsolidus Flud Phase of a Granite: A SYXRF study of Unopened Fluid Inclusions. p. F682

Student and Bodnar: Synthetic Silicate Melt Inclusions in the H2O Saturated Haplogranite System at 760 C at 200 MPa: Experimental Techniques and Fluid Inclusion Microthermometry. p. F683

Schmidt and Bodnar: Volumetric Properties and Solvus Location in the Pseudobinary (H2O-20 wt% NaCl)-CO2 for Carbon Dioxide Concentrations < 30 mole %. p. F683

Neeley, Pope, Ghazi, Vanko and Bodnar: Elemental Determination of Aqueous Magmatic Fluid: A Fluid Study Using Flow Injection ICPMS. p. F702

Vityk and Bodnar: Experimental Reequilibration of Synthetic Fluid Inclusions: Effect of Brittle deformation and Chemical Gradients. p. F706

Other Abstracts that Should be Listed Here?