You can resize all these frames (to for instance hide the map above) by clicking and dragging on any border separating the various frames.

This frame will be used to display your selections from the Index Frame to the left.

The QuicktimeVR Panoramas are viewable using Netscape 3 or 4 or Internet Explorer on Macintosh or Windows. You should have QuickTime 3.0 installed, this provides identical functionality on both Macintosh and Windows platforms. Installation is automatic and the installer places the appropriate plug-ins for your browser and system software where they need to be located. Click here for a link directly to Apple's Quicktime Page to get the software for either Macintosh or Windows machines. Users with the older versions of QuickTime will still be able to view the QTVR movies as long as the appropriate version of the QTVR Component file is installed.

To navigate within the panorama, hold down the mouse button and move the mouse in the direction you wish to turn. To zoom in on a spot hold down the 'Shift' (Mac) or 'Ctrl' (Windows); to zoom out, hold down the 'Ctrl' (Mac) or 'Alt' (Windows) keys while the mouse is over the panorama.


Begin your exploration of the Western Australia desert by clicking on one of the numbered spots on the map above.