Pinnacle Node 6

This stop is near the eastern side of the park, overlooking an area where new pinnacles are being exhumed by the wind. North and east of the prominant cluster, the pinnacles are much less than a meter tall and only the resistant caprock is visible in most cases.

Note that there is a conspicuous ring around the cluster of pinnacles where other pinnacles of any size seem to be lacking. Referring to the model of pinnacle formation, what could explain this 'moat' of pinnacle-free ground?

On the horizon in the north and east, the surface is covered with grasses, bushes, and banksia trees. Despite this erosion preventing cover, the land may be only a single wildfire away from being susceptible to being denuded by the incessant SW wind.

To the south and west of this position, the sky is nearly black with an early spring storm brewing over the Indian Ocean.