Looking South from the North Rim

Here looking south from the north rim overlook, much of the basic geology of this pit can be observed. Most of the west wall of the pit is fairly light colored rock and is a granite in composition. Below the main haulage road on the west wall, the light granite interfingers, at a variety of scales, with the dark gray country rock into which the granite was intruded. This rock is variably metmorphosed. The south end of the pit has another haulage road (which was mined the day after this panorama was made) and preserves the true dip on the intrusive granite dikes that dip steeply westward. The geology of the east wall of the pit is very indistinct due to the lighting and the fact that the geology dips westward at approximately the same angle as the pit wall.

Especially on the top of the west wall of the pit but actually present everywhere, is a very noticeable weathering horizon which varies in color from red to gray-brown. This feature is even more pronounced when looking north from the south end of the pit. This deep weathering is very common in the Western Australia desert and must be dealt with in any geochemical or geophysical exploration program targeting ore deposits at depth. See the section on weathering for more details.