Scientific Name: Mastodon americanus
Common Name: mastodon

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Age: Pleistocene
Locality: near Boaz, Wisconsin (Richland County).
Discovered by: the Dosch brothers in 1897.

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Notes: Much of this skeleton is real, including the body and lower jaw. The skull, tusks, right legs and all the foot bones are replicas. Two ribs on the right side show healed fractures. A fluted spear point was supposedly found with the skeleton, suggesting it was killed by Paleolithic humans.

The middle image is a profile of the skull. (The duck-billed dinosaur and the ichthyosaur can be seen in the background.)
The skull (including the tusks) is about 2.4 m (8 ft) long.

The bottom image is an unusual view of the inside of the rib cage, from the pelvis looking forward. One of the healed ribs can be seen right center.

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