Shishaldin Volcano

Page under construction 3/31/96
During the following summers, I have done field work on Unimak Island: 1984, 1985, 1989.

Ultimately I will post a bit more geological, geochemical and mineralogic data, but for now, here are some pictures:

furry gatekeeper on Unimak in front of 'Mount Olivine', a small olivine basalt monogenetic cone (the only one found out of a dozen or so), and the shield-like basaltic flows in the background (the Bering Sea is to the left several km).

Water, water, everywhere...Steve went looking for water....there must be some with all that snow up on Shishaldin and the sunny days...not realizing that the ground is quite porous. Ultimately a stagnant pool was found. Thank goodness we brought some screen mesh (tent repair kit) that we could use to filter all the crud out with.

"Don't leave home without it"Field assistant Steve ("Chen") poses in front of the Unimak Hilton.

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