Electron Probe Lab Information

Updated: March 6, 2015

  • Cameca SXFive Field Emission (#944) Spectrometer - Crystals
  • SP1: LTAP, LPC2
  • SP2: TAP, PET, LIF, PC1
  • SP4: TAP, PET, LIF, PC0
  • Note: LIF and LLIF above are the 'normal' 200Å crystal diffractors.

  • Listing of Machine Rates for academic and (non-profit) research institutions:
  • Prime Time (9 AM - 9 PM): $50/hr
  • Non-prime time (9 PM - 9 AM): $35/hr
  • 24 hour Supersaver: $840
  • ----------------------------------
    Note 1: We are currently reviewing the rate structure for the field emission electron probe and the rates may change (increase), however for the moment we will continue to use the rates previously charged, however, now x-ray mapping will not be discounted.

    Note 2: Charge for operator time (e.g. setting up calibration and/or training) is $50/hr. This policy has been in place for years but apparently never included on this web page.


  • Rate for commercial users: $300/hr (this includes operator time)
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