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Updated: August 6, 2011

Early history of the Microbeam Analysis Society (and EPMA in US) by David Wittry

James Hillier, an early EPMA developer

Hillier's first microanalyzer, 1945 patent Hillier's second microanalyzer, 1947 patent

Very first paper (in French) by Castaing and Guinier on EPMA
given in 1949 in at the July 4-8, 1949 "Conference on Electron Microscopy"
This was the first international EM conference held following WW2

Cover (in color) of Delft Conference Proceedings

2 papers: Castaing and Guinier on the new instrument, and Castaing on EM work on Al-Cu alloy

Complete published Proceedings of the 1949 Delft EM Conference (27 MB)

Thesis as submitted by Castaing in 1951

Cover (in color) of Castaing's Thesis he presented to Andre Guinier

The inside title page of the thesis

Castaing was employed by ONERA as a researcher and developed the electron probe microanalyzer in the course of research with Guinier on the study of Al-Cu alloys. ONERA reprinted his thesis in 1952, which was then distributed around the world.

Very first paper in English by Castaing and Guinier on EPMA
given in 1952 in New Jersey, published in 1953
--lost until now?

Analytical Chemistry, May 1953, volume 25, number 5, pp. 724-726

Pdf (Adobe 5) of Castaing and Guinier, 1953

Henry Moseley (1887-1915)

Extensive source of original papers in chemistry and physics, from the ChemTeam (revised link, 2013)

Selected classic papers in history of chemistry (LeMoyne College)

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