How to Register your Iclicker

You are required to purchase an Iclicker remote for in-class participation.  Iclicker is a response system that allows you to respond to questions posed during lecture.  This class participation will count ten percent (10%) of your grade for the course. In order to receive this credit, you will need to register your Iclicker online before class on Tuesday September 15th, 2009.

You must have come to class at least once and voted on at least one question, in order to complete this registration properly.  Once you have voted on a question during lecture, go to

Once there, complete the following fields:

The response system will be used in every lecture, and you are responsible for bringing your Iclicker to class and for making sure that it is in good operating order with batteries. To protect the Iclicker, place a piece of (transparent ;-) tape over the serial number. It is also a good idea to write your e-mail address on the clicker. Since your grade for class participation depends on the proper use of the clicker, it is in your best interest to care for it properly.