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Teaching and Research

Satellite Radar Interferometry

Geoscience 390:
Global Geophysics
(with Prof. Chuck DeMets)
Spring 2010

Geoscience 118:
Eye in the Sky: Monitoring the Earth from Space
(spring 2011?)

Geoscience 444
Practical Aspects of GPS Surveying
(spring 2010)

Geology and Geophysics 875
Advanced Topics in Geology

Scientific Method: Theory and Practice (Fall 2008)

Geoscience 100
General Geology
(Fall, with Prof. John W. Valley)

Fall 2007:
Satellite Imagery and Geodesy

Fall 2007:
Data Analysis for Earth Science


Geodetic measurements and mechanical models of rifting in onshore segments of mid-ocean ridges

Remote Control:
Earthquakes triggering by stress transfer over large distances and long times

Jump Around Seismic


What I do


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At Home in Madison

Cows on Parade in Madison


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Photos of places I have skiied

Battle Abbey

Sentry Mountain

Powder Creek



Selkirk Backcountry Lodge

Upper Steepness

Photos of Battle Abbey by Sam Silverstein

White Pine Trail

Photos of MadNorski Trip to Ironwood by
Paul Matteoni

Cool Links

Google Earth

a free product made available by Google that lets you view the entire earth in 3D, but has enough detail that you can zoom in and view your own house! You can download it directly from Google here.

Google Earth Hacks

A growing collection of downloads to use with your copy of Google Earth. Google Earth Hacks is not affiliated with Google in any way

Elevation of the Earth's Surface:
Topography and Bathymetry

Data from National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) : bathymetry and topography, 2 minute global relief, seafloor data from the work of Smith and Sandwell (1997) , NAVOCEANO and IBCAO plus GLOBE project for the land data.

Open Place Mark in Google Earth

University of Wisconsin - Madison Campus

Open Place Mark in Google Earth

Wisconsin View Project

This Image Gallery provides examples of Landsat-5 and -7 imagery for a variety of sites in Wisconsin. All images were processed at the University of Wisconsin Environmental Remote Sensing Center (ERSC, www.ersc.wisc.edu).

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