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Roden Geomicrobiology Laboratory

I occupy a 1800 square foot laboratory in a new wing of Weeks Hall that houses the Department of Geology and Geophysics at UW-Madison. The laboratory is specifically equipped for handling anaerobic materials and microorganisms, in particular the culturing and manipulation of anaerobic respiratory and lithotrophic bacteria. The new laboratory also includes a molecular biological facility for nucleic acid extraction (from cultures or soil/sediment samples) and manipulation en route to sequencing and/or quantitative PCR analysis. Through ongoing DOE-funded (EMSP and NABIR programs; see Research Projects) research, a sediment core reactor facility for conducing reactive transport experiments with repacked and intact subsurface sediment cores has been developed. A diverse array of column reactors and associated pumping systems are available to support reactive transport studies involving microbial metabolism.

Major pieces of equipment available in my laboratory are as follows:

Autoclave (Primus)

Lyophilizer (Fisher Scientific)

Analytical balances (Denver Instruments)

UV/VIS spectrophotometer (Shimadzu)

Gas chromatograph with FID and TCD detectors (Shimadzu)

High-pressure liquid chromatograph with UV/VIS and RI detectors (Shimadzu)

Ion chromatograph (Dionex DX-100)

BET Surface area analyzer (Micromeritics)

Anaerobic chambers (Coy and Labconco)

High speed centrifuge (Sorvall RC5)

Microcentrifuges (Fisher)

Thermal cycler (BioRad/MJ DNA Engine)

Gel documentation system (Biorad)

DGGE system (BioRad D-Code)

Real-time PCR detector (BioRad/MJ Chromo 4)

Compound phase contrast/epifluorescence microscope (Nikon E600)

Temperature-regulated incubators