How are sedimentary basins created, and how do they evolve? What record do they provide of regional tectonics? How can paleoclimatic signals be interpreted from their deposits?

Such questions by their nature require a broad, multidisciplinary approach, including (but not limited to) the application of clastic sedimentary facies and paleocurrent analyses, sequence stratigraphy, sandstone petrography, geohistory analysis, and organic geochemistry. Several of my current projects currently involve the application of stable and radiogenic isotopes to decipher sedimentary provenance, weathering histories, and age relationships. My research integrates these techniques to help elucidate processes of basin subsidence and fill as they relate to continental tectonics, regional paleoclimatic evolution, and petroleum exploration.

Recent research projects include lacustrine basin analysis of the Greater Green River Basin, southwestern Wyoming,(currently funded by the Center for Oil Shale Research and Technology). Paleogene provenance study for the Gulf of Mexico Basin (Wisconsin Source to Sink Consortium - WSSC), and projects for the Center for Oil Shale Research and Technology (COSTAR).

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