Geology/AOS 105 - Oceanography

Spring 1999


Class: All exams are graded and grades will be submitted by Wednesday. Scores ranged from excellent (90-100%) to disappointingly low (< 50%). Those who did poorly had poor scores on the section of the final that contained verbatim questions from the first two exams. These people also did poorly on the question based on the movie on manganese nodules. We can only conclude that the poor performance is related to lack of class attendance.
Those who DID regularly attend and worked hard to succeed were pleasures to have as students. We've taken into account those whose scores have steadily improved during the semester, and their final grades reflected this dedication. Congratulations!
We hope you have a productive Summer and will be back to the campus this Fall. Stop by to visit us; we'd be happy to hear how you're progressing. If you're further interested in the subject or related courses or even a major, please stop by; we'd be happy to help assist you in your course/major selection. Exams are yours for asking; just stop by.

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