Geology 106, Fall 2006

Oldoinyo Lengai Volcano, Tanzania
Lectures: Two lectures per week: M W 1:20 in Room AB20 Weeks Hall
Discussion sections: One per week, Room A257 Weeks Hall
	Attendance is required.  If you miss your assigned section, attend another one by arrangement with the TA.
	Professor Jean Bahr, Room 411 Weeks Hall or Room 225 Weeks Hall,  262-5513, Office hours T 3:30-5 PM, W 10-noon or by appointment
	Professor Clifford Thurber, Room 104A Weeks Hall, 262-6027, Office hours M 2:15 -3:15 PM, T and Th 11- noon or by appointment
	Teaching Assistant Daniel Alvarado, Room 106 Weeks Hall, Office hours M 3-4 PM, F 10-11 AM or by appointment.
	Grades will be based on a weighted average of grades earned in the following class activities
	Activity                                                                      Percent of total grade
	Lecture participation ("clicker" responses)                   10*
	Discussion section attendance and assignments      30
	Midterm 1 (in class, Oct. 16)                                            15
	Midterm 2 (in class, Nov. 15)                                           15
	Final Exam (7:45 AM, Th. Dec. 21)                                 30
	* Some responses will be graded only on participation, others will be graded on a combination of participation and correct answers
Required materials:
1.	Environmental Geology, Montgomery, 7th edition, McGraw Hill, available at the University Bookstore 
2.	CPS "clicker" pad, available at the University Bookstore
3.	CPS "clicker" pad enrollment code (included in new copies of the text, purchase on-line if you are purchasing a used copy of the text
4.	Discussion section packet, available for $4.50 at Bob's Copy Shop, 1401 University Avenue

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